Xbox - game server allocation failed FM7

Hi, anyone able to host privat matches?
Me and my friend get error: game server allocation failed.
Both on wired connection and NAT open.

Can’t host privat match, but able to join pre setup matches (public)

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Same issue…

Same issue here…
Looks like PC is the main affected platform.

Any solution to this @Turn10 ?

Same issue here. Had issues with Teredo Adapter before. with ‘‘Failed to acquire server data’’ error. but now i get the ‘‘game server allocation failed’’. Got pre setup matches working now. Just not private once. I don’t think they are closed for a reason else the message would be different. Hopefully somebody has the right answer for this

I have the same issue too and I don’t know how to fix it…

Same issue, this is frustrating as is the main reason I bought this game.

same problem here “server allocation failed”.

Early access , yeah right.

I am the same. I would really like an answer as to why this is happening. Private lobbies are kind of really important and we’ve been left in the absolute dark about it.

I have the same problems. Public multiplayer works.

Okay, so this was first put out three days ago, and so far nothing has been done about it. Would be nice if we a had a “we’re looking into it”

Getting the same issue. Thought it was a pre-launch issue but the game is now officially out and still not working.