Currently unable to connect to multiplayer.

Is anyone having issues connecting to multiplayer? I was looking forward to drifting in a private match however I’m getting “Game Server Allocation Failed.” when trying to connect. I get this error for only private matches, Works fine in Hoppers.

I cant find any hopper lobbies at all… Everytime I search for a lobby I get " Failed to acquire server data " error… Anyone have a fix?

same problem

I have the same problem. :frowning:

Hopyfully adding in virus and drift lobbies… racing can smell my toes I’m sick of it after the third championship already…

Same Problem here if I try to create a private lobby “Game Server Allocation Failed.” :frowning:

PS.: and Dear Turn10 - I have to invite a friend to create a private lobby? Why? and why removed the Test Drive on the Tune and the main menu?

i solved it for me with the solution for this video