[XBOX] Did not receive 1977 Holden Torano A9X FE or 2015 ford falcon GT F 351

What were the 77 Holden FE and 2015 ford falcon gifts for? Didn’t receive them. Was everyone supposed to get these?

I did get the Monte Carlo FE. Thanks for that.

I typically participate in everything which is why myself, and others, are wondering why they didn’t receive these cars.

I didn’t get any of them, so you have one up on me. Hopefully they are mentioned in this week’s week in review. Doesn’t really help us who didn’t get them but at least we would know what we missed.

Same for me, we need an explaination!

Did not receive any of these three cars.

not sure if this will make you happy

Ok Talby, this is a very unfair behaviour by turn 10.
They give locked cars without explanation.
And which is the difference between the two gift (Montecarlo and Torana/Ford)?
I watched all the preaseson event in streaming and I don’t understand…

Agreed. I have been after the GT351 for months, and now it looks like I’ve missed out again.

i got the chevelle fe but i want the falcon if you do not specify on how to aquire gift to everyone to make it fair

I watched the race and then the team races on mixer but did not receive not one car,sad really!!

If there was no reason for gifting the Falcon, Torana or Chevelle FE, I wonder why they were not gifted to everybody ?

Didn’t people see the quests in the right hand side bar of the feed while they were watching the races, or wonder what all the people were talking about during the race?
About 70% of the chat was asking about how to get the cars.

None of these cars were the rewards for watching that stream, at least not according to the quest interface.

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You’re telling me if you wanna unlock cars you have to watch other people race? Do that many people want to watch other people play video games? This seems extremely stupid.

I’m just picturing other games doing this. Sims 4 offering a new cool car to buy, but you gotta watch someone else play Sims for 2 hours before unlocking. That would be rediculous.

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Cant someone just tell these people then what they were prize cars for then?
Hundreds of posts and people still think it was the stream. Surely someone read a forum post that told them what event to do to get the cars.

Even ManteoMax doesn’t know, so it’s doubtful it was announced at all

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