Xbox 360 Online Issues

So my friends and I have been playing online a lot lately, and have found some issues that we think are big problems. To start, we noticed not being able to see each other’s paint schemes online. Why were we able to in FH1 but not FH2? Shouldn’t the next iteration of a game be better, not worse? Other things we found were the sound glitch when we changed cars, but we found a way around it. I don’t think this should be an issue, but it did just get released and we knew there would be some bugs. We have noticed some jumpy animations, but that’s usually because one of them has a bad connection, but smoothing should be better. We feel like the driving in general feels better than FH1, which is why we bought the game in the first place. None of us, however, feel like the developers tried as hard as they did with FH1. Sumo Digital didn’t do great in our opinions, and we are afraid they will neglect the old generation Forzites.

I can’t understand why people would even consider buying this for the 360… It’s a completely different game on the one. Just fork up the cash, it’s been out for almost a year already!

I think he’s referring to bugs and glitches. No need to redirect it into another one of those threads. Please take your off topic lecturing somewhere else.

I haven’t really looked for anyone’s paint online but it’s weird because now that I think of it, someone else was looking for a way to turn it off. Can’t please em all I guess. I never really look at others’ cars very much but maybe I will next time. To be honest though, I haven’t bothered painting yet. I have noticed some weird physics and animations. Off road the cars jump like the Dukes of Hazzard and roll and flip around WAY easier than H1, even on what should be easy terrain.