Wreckers(a way to stop them)

Wreckers really annoy me, I am sure you to. Why can’t cars be ghosted if they are being lapped? Problem solved. How easy was that. It’s as if turn 10 want these ######## people to spoil the game for everyone else, Gurkha being a prime example. What use has this in a racing game other than to spoil the game for people wanting to race.

It’s a car game that has race tracks. There’s a litany of things missing that are needed to make it a proper racing game.

Seems like the wreckers are a large chunk of their revenue stream. I’m actually surprised they don’t have achievements for griefing like “Epic takeout”, “Divebomb expert”, “Kamikaze”, “Pitt like the police” and “Look ma, no brakes”


If Turn 10 did not want wreckers surely they would have tried to stop them by now.

Yeah, if you’re getting lapped you should be ghosted to the person lapping you. I don’t know how many times I can be in 1st place, only to get ran off the road by somebody driving slow in last place waiting for me.


How long before they move along?

Either way I suggest no one actually verbal respond to trolls over mic. They get their kicks from it. Instead just be entirely silent and just report + vote to kick after the race. They will be bored by the lack of verbal raging.

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Use the Xbox One method of reporting this game-disrupting behavior (poor sportsmanship) by going into Friends in the Dashboard, then Find the gamertag and REPORT the actions. Those reports go to the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team (PET) and they have the capabilities to join offenders during their online sessions for observation and warning.

Not only will those incidents result in PET taking actions, but they have the power to instantly ban those who challenge what they warn about - not just from the game itself but Xbox Live. That really gets the attention of people who are destroying game play for others.

Don’t get into discussions with the offenders or retaliate, just observe, remember the gamertag and file the report. Let PET handle it without attempting to tell the offender how wrong they are or using retaliation. It is simple and effective when PET puts a leash on the crasher.

Remember, too, when PET issues a ban on a gamertag, it isn’t just for a single game, it is a time out from Xbox Live.