Would anyone be interested in a Formula D vs D1GP tourney?

So I’ve been thinking about this today and thought it would be a fun idea for a tournament. I know its probably been done at some point, but hey why not do it again. It would be set up as basically everyone picks a driver from either FD or D1 and builds a replica of that car. Then typical tournament style layout, or possibly a points based system to make it more of a head to head team kinda set-up. Just kinda seeing if anyone has any ideas or interest in this.

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Hey ill be up to do that my gt sTaB Electric

Sweet, if i get enough feedback ill set it up and figure out all the rules and details.

About the rules, FD uses a tyre rule that dictates what the maximum tyre width for both the front and rear wheel can be depending on the weight of the car. And from what I remember, there is a competition owned by The Daiguren called Virtual Formula Drift that has been running for a few years now that uses a very similar set of tyre rules to keep with the theme of the competition. There is also a car ban list within the rule set that The Daiguren has also written up. There shouldn’t be any interference between both your up-and-coming ruleset and The Daiguren’s ruleset.

D1GP rules in terms of FH2 are very broad and unrestrictive, considering there are rules that allow front, mid and rear engined cars within the comp, I think that it would be best to make the field a bit more fairer in terms of engine placement. Just my opinion.

I would presume that you have already considered looking up the real-life ruleset for both of those if you are planning on making this competition a bit more serious outside of just having paints on cars and finding a few sections to drift on.

Did a few of these back in the forza 3 days…would be awesome on horizon 2…have judges and find the perfect sections to set up a track…I’m down if it gets further in happening.

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This is a GREAT idea! Im a co-leader of the drift club Legacy and we would love to be a part of this or any kind of tournament in the future. Message me on Xb if you need any help getting this started! tsuisou x sslum

HELL YES MAN beeon wanting a tournament for ages me and my buddy will join man add me gt: SoloFelines

Im down gamer tag is Spate2 and i already have ryan tuerck and chris forsbergs cars

Sounds fun