Winter #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through May 30

Starts May 23, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific
This is the third season of Series 9.

Next change: May 30 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific


Note that #Forzathon Shop prices have changed.

  • 675 FP Car: 2008 Lamborghini Reventon FE (existing Exclusive model)
  • 650 FP Car: 1995 Nissan NISMO GT-R LM (existing Exclusive model)
  • ?00 FP Clothing: Aztec Parka
  • ?00 FP Emote: Shamone
  • Wheelspins cost reduced this series to 35 FP & 135 FP


  • 50% Winter reward: 2018 Mini JCW Countryman (newly added Exclusive model)
  • 80% Winter reward: Land Rover Series III FE (existing Exclusive model)
  • 50% Series Completion: Quartz Regalia (existing Exclusive model)
  • 80% Series Completion: Hot Wheels Bone Shaker (existing Exclusive model)

#FORZATHON WEEKLY CHALLENGE: [must be done in sequence to count]

Earn 200 FP from this challenge plus 20 per Daily

  • Own and drive the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427
  • Earn 15 Awesome Speed Skills in your '67 Corvette
  • Earn a total of 125,000 Skill Score in your '67 Corvette
  • Earn a total of 9 stars from Drift Zones in your '67 Corvette


The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Unrelenting Force” | Rail Yard Cross Country Circuit | S1 Extreme Offroad

  • Reward: 2013 Mini X-Raid Countryman (500,000 CR value)

Seasonal Playground Games: Express North Rail Yard | B700 1970s

  • Reward: Wheelspin

PR Stunt: The Great Ridge Danger Sign | 915.4 feet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: M68 Speed Trap | 270.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Johnston Terrace Speed Zone | 145.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship: “Deustchland’s Finest” | Broadway Village Circuit | S1 Germany

  • Reward: Porsche 914/6 (existing Exclusive model)

Championship: “Rally Rivals” | Lakehurst Forest Trail | B700 Evo vs. Impreza

  • Reward: Best Mates Emote

Championship: “Winter Wonders” | A800 Special: Winter Wonders

Winter also means the Derwent Water Drag Strip is available again.

Monthly Events

  • Horizon Story: The Car Files
  • Monthly Rivals: Greendale Club Circuit
  • Online Adventure
    Completing the monthly events applies their completion percentage to all four seasons in the Festival Playlist.



  • The Trial Co-Op: South Beach Cross Country Circuit | 701-900 Extreme Offroad
  • Championship: Island Lowland Super Sprint | B700 Hot Hatch
  • Championship: Fenholm Cross Country Circuit | B700 Offroad
  • Championship: The Sinking Scramble | B700 Modern Rally
    PR Stunts
  • Laufey’s Throne Trailblazer Start Gate | 40 seconds
  • Mountainside Speed Trap | 165.0 mph

Weekly challenge … It’s gotta be the '67, eh?

[Mod Edit - yep, typo fixed - MM]


Ahhh. People never learn, still entering trials in completely stock cars. Took 1st all three races, only one race where an actual teammate beat an ai…

2nd try, everyone upgraded, easy win.


Certainly explains why players like us constantly succeed and they come in here complaining. Silly people going in ILL-prepared


I’ve seen advice circulating around here and Reddit saying that it’s easier in a stock car because you’re given a Drivitar with the same PI as you but I’d say that’s terrible advice. You’re far better off finding a Trial tune.

The AI can’t tune, it seems like they just use auto upgrade and rely on rubber banding. And even then a good tune will still wipe the floor with them.

Respectfully, thats terrible advice. If you’re a great, good or decent driver, you should be able to beat the AI if you dont make too many mistakes. Trying to handicap the PI at a low number wont help much, if at all

To be more accurate, it used to be true. But the AI doesn’t scale down like that anymore. It seems to have a mid-class baseline now, somewhere around the 40s or 50s.

But honestly, you might as well tune toward the top of the class in any case. Mid to high 90s at least. They seem to be building these championships around top of class PI lately, so you don’t want to go in under-powered.

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And people still wonder why me and other players are stacking Forzathon Points. Look at this shop, just useless lol

Raise the prices if needed if it’s a special car, but put something rare and different in the shop, please. It’s been 2 months since I last bought something, and I’m not even exaggerating.

12K FP and counting…

Edit: This is not the worst cars I’ve seen in the shop, but every week all players hope to see something nice coming and get frustrated. Maybe new players may enjoy getting the Lambo or something, but they’ll spend all their points in a car they can get with Skill points through the Lambo Miura (here’s my advice). At least they don’t have to worry that much, next week nothing interesting will come up anyway.

Probably just a typo but…

Own and drive the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427
Earn 15 Awesome Speed Skills in your '67 Corvette
Earn a total of 125,000 Skill Score in your '67 Corvette
Earn a total of 9 stars from Drift Zones in your '67 Corvette

Oh sweet, the GT-R LM is a wheel spin only car that I don’t have yet, glad I stacked my FPs.

The GTR-LM is also one of the only Wheel Spin exclusives that are EASILY found in the AH. There is a huge abundance of them and can be purchased for about 1.5M CR. Save the FP. Go get it from the AH…


Save them for what lol

Extremely underrated car. The handling and grip is awesome. I dug mine out for this week’s seasonal championship, the S1 900 Japanese cars one.

good looking out, thx! I bought the FE version over the weekend due to perkgate, but didn’t bother looking for the non-FE one.

This week’s seasonal PR Stunts:

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Did the Goliath for the speed skills, and at the same time passed 250k skillpoints. Ended up on the Drift Zone almost straight away.

18k Forzathonpoints and nothing in the shop to spend them on… :-/

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Ah yes, playground games! I love when one teammate just leaves when the opposite team score 1(one)!!! flag and then everyone leaves because we have less players.

Please for the love of god add a penalization for leaving! These last couple of playground games I won because the other team simply quit or I lose because my teammates leave


When people start leaving, it’s best to bail. I only bail when a couple leave, otherwise you’re just banging your head.

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But that’s the fun part!