Winter #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through May 30

Also gotta love it when PGG seemingly stalls between matches and even people 9n winning team rage quit and lose out on the win. Pays to be patient.

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Winter Wonders seasonal championship:

I’m not sure what to use my 18k FP on. Outside of a couple articles of clothing and a Disco Rubber Chicken suit, I’m not missing anything.

They should put the HS cars in there, or maybe even the PO cars.


2018 Mini X-Raid JCW Buggy?


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Yes just won it.

Deutscheland’s Finest seasonal event:

Thanks for the vid Quadro40k, I used the car you did and no problems with the races.

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Glad it helped bro!

The Nissan R390 and the Lamborghini Muira are cheap, the cars for this week are rewards for maxing out their skill trees. I’m honestly getting sick of this “wait a week for disappointment” garbage, for the last month you’ve given us nothing but junk.

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Rally Rivals (Evo vs Impreza face-off) seasonal event:

This Trial is feeling like a bit of a conspiracy to stop me from winning it. Just did one where I won all 3 races, and the teams were 1-1 after 2 races. Then in the last race, despite me holding up a group of 4 drivatars behind me, slowing them down by 6-9 seconds per lap, all 4 other players lost to every drivatar!

having the same type of issue. We were ahead by quite the margin in the first two races towards the end (I came in second and first) then when the scores came up we lost by 1500-2000 points. Happened both times I tried so I quit rather than smash something I’d regret later. It’s always something with this game. I always feel like I’m playing a beta test for some reason.

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I came back to it a few hours later and got a decent team first time, I guess the 8 year olds had all gone to bed by then.


I wouldn’t say a beta…more like playing with kids that dont care about winning or playing as a team…more into smashing and mucking about

Soooo… I’m actually having a pretty hard time completing the seasonal speed trap. It’s not that my car can’t hit 270mph, it’s that the game keeps wanting to pause and reset my car back to close to 0mph every time I hit around 260mph+.

There I am, racing along, and when I hit 260mph+, the entire game grinds to a halt - and then when it lets me go again, my speed is almost non-existent. Fortunately I can rewind to before the game grinding to a halt, and get back to something like my original speed, but as soon as I start accelerating again for any length of time, the game has fits again. The constant pauses and rewinds are throwing me off and I haven’t managed a proper run through the speed trap at 270mph+ yet.

Just a thought, if the game is going to require us to hit a speed trap at 270mph+, make sure the game can actually let you go 270mph+ without the game hanging up and resetting your speed back to nothing? That would be cool.

I’m running on a standard xbox one (forza edition, ironically).


Never had the issue on either my xbone X , xbone S or PC
But i do know others that have…on Xbone as well
Might be a console specific issue.

Mine’s XBox One S, it has the problem, mainly with the Ferrari 599XX E.

Is your game on an external drive? I thought it was relatively common to have this happen on the S, with game on external drive.

I’ve got that setup but have never tried it. No issue ony Xs’ either internal or external.

I passed through the speed zone, and completed the Seasonal event, and then my car stopped dead. I just about did it.

I also have the XB1 Forza Edition (the blue one). Had no problem (other than traffic getting in the way) hitting >270 mph. I used the Mosler with a tune that said something about 294 mph in the description. Forgot the name of the guy who made the tune, but it was one of the first that showed up with 3 stars if I remember correctly.