Winners have been selected :)

MCplayer92 - Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One
UrbanMuppet - Forza Horizon 2 IGN Car Pack
plautus001 - Forza Horizon 2 IGN Car Pack

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Hello Skreamies!

Unfortunatly I can’t scrool more to choose my fav in-focus article (in-focus is my fav news article since we can can see how much talented we are in designing, drifting, racing, tuning etc).
But from what I saw this was definitly my fav!

The hype after reading this article was enough after the lack of demo in the E3, which disapointed me, reading all that convinced me that this might actually be the next big best Forza! I remember Forza 4 days where the community was stronger than ever, Forza motorsport 6 I believe that we will be back :slight_smile: 400 - 500 cars, 26 locations half new ones, each location with various layouts of that track, 24 cars in race and rain and night? not in all tracks but its a good start, dreams came true to everyone :slight_smile: and Physically modeled puddles, which impact the driving, even with diferent tyre compounds and sizes it will react diferent to all of them, T10 is bringing Racing games to a new level, I can see most racing games incluiding 3D puddles after Forza 6, oh and rain drops now move in the windshield dinamicly, wall tyres react to impact, Physics everywhere!

Oh but the lack of custom lobbys its a damn big take off, still damn hyped for this new Forza 6 :smiley:

Thanks for taking part Player :slight_smile:

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no problem :slight_smile: I really want horizon 2 but it was also nice to share my excitment for forza 6 :slight_smile:

Very nice of you to have a giveaway!

I picked this article because it encouraged me to grab the app and use it to learn more about the series and take advantage of offers like the 2 free Porsches (there was another article about that). I’m new to the series. Picked up and finished both the 360 and One versions of FH2:F&F and had a lot of fun with them and have since spent time learning about the other games and the rewards program. I particularly want to try the Horizon games and since the first one is on sale this week I will be picking that up!

The temporary give away of the F&F game worked on me. I want to play more and I hadn’t played multiple games of a racing series since top gear rally/top gear overdrive. I still remember that overdrive soundtrack.

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Hi there Skreamies,
I’m new to forza and the forums. My favourite thread is this by johniwanna where he talks about the '68 Charger

I chose this article because the Charger is my dream car to own and my all time favourite car. I simply love the looks of the exterior and interior. I also love hearing the V8 roaring.
When I got Forza Horizon 2 last week it was the first car that I bought and upgraded. I also painted it like the one in General Lee.

I would love to get the ign car pack as it is possibly the best pack there and as I just bought an Xbox One and Forza Horizon 2 I can’t really spend more money. In my opinion thee IGN car pack is the best one out there and I would love to expand my car collection in game.

Thank-you for the contest - I already have Horizon 2; however, I do not have the IGN pack yet ; )

I chose this article:

The reason I have chosen this article is it is great to read about the cars that the people behind Forza drive. I read every news article, so I am aware of all the cool rides that Johniwanna has (VW, Saab, Porsche). Forza took my life-long love of all things cars and provided me an opportunity to experience cars I have only read about. Playing Forza inspired me to buy a Miata so I could ditch the minivan once in a while and take pleasure in driving again.

I am looking forward to playing Forza 6 pre-launch (pre-ordered) and I am pumped about all the new cars coming to the franchise (an original Citroen DS like the one in HMA would be great!).

Thanks Turn 10!

Well done Skreamies.
Don’t need the prize but good to see you took my advice. Haha.
Good luck to all that enter :wink:

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Giving this a bump.

I’d love a chance to win an IGN Car Pack code Skreamies.

The Datsun 510 Wagon HMA Article has been one of my favorite.

When it comes to cars, I can definitely say I’m a wagon man. It doesn’t matter what you call it, station wagon, avant, combi, or in the case of my car - the granny mobile, if it’s a wagon I’m drawn to it straight away. I can also say that I like the Datsun 510. I enjoyed the article because the build is completely different from anything I would never be interested in doing and it’s cool seeing other sides of car culture. I also learned something new.

The car has tons of character, it tells a story, it shows someone’s passion, and I enjoyed reading it.

Hi, I’ve already got a XB1 but would love the IGN car pack… :slight_smile:

My favourite has to be the Juke Code thread. I live in the UK and until I saw the thread, I had no idea I was living near some free codes! I ended up trawling around every Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Co-Op and Lidl in Reading desperately seeking a code. I ended up finding some in my local corner shop and the relief was almost tangible. I got some spares too and gave them to my gaming friends in the States.

It also showed me that there are people within the Forza community who are more interested in improving the eco-system rather than furthering their own popularity. It was a real eye opener and not something I’d seen in a gaming community previously. In my own little way, I like to think I chipped in but people like Star Trek Texan and ferverea one deserve huge credit for the selfless way they behave when presented with an opportunity.

The thread really rekindled my appreciation for FH2 and if I’m honest, added an inch to my waistline through incessant Pringles consumption! :slight_smile:

As you have said there will be one winner does that mean you will not split the codes ?.
Would love to post to get an IGN code

One code per winner as such. So one person will win FH2, one for IGN Pack etc…

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The latest RVM is the one for me.
Yet another lose of a potentially great driver Jules Bianchi RIP.

Thanx for the reply. Cleared that up.

Don’t need either codes but a pretty cool thing you are doing!!

Would love to win the Horizon 2 game as I have played the first one and love it also have played but do not own 2.
So My entry is the week in review for the IGN car pack.

MCplayer92 - Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One
UrbanMuppet - Forza Horizon 2 IGN Car Pack
plautus001 - Forza Horizon 2 IGN Car Pack

A thousand thank you’s! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! thank you skreamies, it was very kind of you doing this comp :slight_smile:

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