so no contests for FH2 on 360?

looking at the contests and well I have only seen the xbox one versions contests. have any of you seen any? I would love to put some of these photos in a photo contest:

I REALLY hope there will be one

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Well, me and Ali O3 set up a scavenger hunt for Xbox One and Xbox 360, so i guess that counts? It’s not official, but it’s something :slight_smile:

I’ll make a contest right now.

If you can spell Forza Horizon with your elbow, i’ll give anyone a cookie.

fckiozxsaz hoiriuzoin

Your 3rd image, where was that taken in the game?

sorry I was away from my computer:
one forza hgpooxxxxxxxxxxspnm (hey I got the first part correct lol)
two. um I think it was left of the east sisron speed trap just follow the road (non official or official road) in till you see the dam
also what is the prize if no one can gift cars or money? (only turn 10 can)

No contests for the 360, nada. And you’re right, without an AH, direct player storefront, or ability to gift cars and/or credits, there really is no way to have player run comps over anything more than bragging rights. That’s probably a big reason why a lot of players still run FM4.


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true. this is really sad because of this. they cant make just one contest. the make it even worse when they say XBOX ONE at the end. oh well