Winer of plantronics headset

He’ll all.I was the lucky winner of a headset during the forza rc stream on Sunday i have claimed the reward like it told me to,I thought that i might have got an email from them but I have heard nothing.please could a mod or someone who knows point me in the right direction of who i should contact or what I have to do to receive my gift.Thanks in advance all the best silverfox

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Gifts take a bit to process. When I won a headset among other items 2 years ago it was a few weeks before I heard anything.

When it’s cash, it takes even longer! That one took over 2 months.

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Ok thanks very much for that information have a great day and all the best.

Did you ever hear back about this? I won one yesterday and was told I would get an Xbox Live Message.

Just curious as to how long it took.

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Does somebody recieve the message on his xbox live? I was lucky and i won today raffle on the broadcast on forzarc recaps.

I also won of these from previous ForzaRC broadcast and i received xbox live message within few days if i recall right.

Basically they only asked email address so you can confirm your delivery address and shortly after replying with email address i got separate email from them to confirm my delivery address.

After i confirmed my delivery address it took only few days and i got those.

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Thank you for the info Beermachine,best regards from Mexico


I received mine shortly after they confirmed my address. A week or two if I remember correctly. It may take longer for you since you’re in Mexico.

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Thanks Stang the raffle was on wednesday,i will recieve the message on xbox live¿? Thanks for the info

I won the raffle for headset from the Finale preview show broadcast on Oct 10. Hate to say it but I laughed at the idea that I would ever see this headset. Zero contact since - no xbox message, no email, nothing. I’m definitely not ever expecting to receive this contact though. Or the headset. I just don’t have enough faith in the organization and follow thru abilities of the companies involved with this. Oh well, at least I do enjoy the games.

I did end up getting a message from Official Forza on Xbox Live asking for an email. Was your watch.forza.rc linked to your xbox live account? Also did you change your gamertag

Ya, it was linked and no I didn’t change my gamertag. At least since the stream. I changed it about 6 months + ago.