Will a Tuner's Lounge be created on this section of FM6?

Please let us know. Thank you!


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There will be a new forum design coming soon along with FM6 sub forums. As for when, I don’t know.

That’ll be one of the better places to hang out, some tuners may even open source their tunes, then you may not be so constrained by a file limit.

PJ, maybe you and I could collab like we used to :slight_smile:

We should do something in the future, yes :slight_smile:

Is the forza 6 forum area going to breakdown into tuning,painting, and racing like in past forzas. I want to get my garage setup on here but the general discussion area doesnt seem to be the place to put it.

Dangit i just asked this question because i didnt see this thread… :frowning:

Sounds like we will be taken care of Johnson! Got a couple of tunes ready to rock! Love Daytona…


No worries, I merged it into this thread.

Thank you

Thanks for the update!

New forums/sub-forums are coming soon.

Honestly i love every new track.

WithI limited tunes to save I think open sourcing might be the best way to go

Once im full of shared tunes i will open source just like i dod on 5