Why wont this tune turn?!

First thing you’ll look at is caster, and you’ll say why so low? It is the only way to get any functional turning at all. I’ve tried changing all sorts of stuff, but I can not get this car to turn worth a darn. You might need TCS, if you are heavy handed with the throttle. Stupid thing has too much torque and the tire can’t bite unless you ease up on it. I’m about to junk this thing, but I’ve never see such sluggish turning.

Car:Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (1968)
Points (#): 900
Speed: 6.4
Handling: 5.8
Acceleration: 9.6
Launch: 9.6
Braking: 6.2

Drive (Type): RWD
Power (HP): 1118
Torque (LB-FT): 791
Displacement (L): 6.4
Weight of Car (LBS): 1634
Weight Distribution (%):
(Front): 40%
(Rear): 60%

Redline (RPM): 9000
Peak Torque (RPM): 5150
Top Speed (Calculated) (MPH): 254.3

Upper-Spring-Rate (lb/in): 692.3
Lower-Spring-Rate (lb/in): 86.5

Wheelbase (in| ): 92.5
Track Width, Front (in): 53.1
Track Width, Rear (in): 53.6

Build (Parts and goodies)
·Engine Swap: 6.0L V12
·Drivetrain Swap: Stock
·Aspiration Conversion: Twin Turbo

·Restrictor Plate: Stock
·Intake Manifold and Throttle Body: Stock
·Air Filter: Race
·Carborator: Stock
·Fuel System: Race
·Ignition: Race
·Exhaust: Race
·Camshaft: Race
·Valves: Race
·Displacement (Block): Race
·Pistons and Compression: Race
·Aspiration: Stock
·Intercooler: Stock
·Oil and Cooling: Stock
·Flywheel: Stock

Platform & Handling
·Brakes: Race
·Springs & Dampers: Stock
·Front Anti-roll Bars: Race
·Rear Anti-roll Bars: Stock
·Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage: Race
·Weight Reduction: Race

·Clutch: Stock
·Transmission: Race
·Driveline: Race
·Differential: Race

Tires and Rims
·Tire Compound: Race
·Rim Style: Sport - CXR
·Front Tires: 265/25R17
·Rear Tires: 325/25R18

Aero and Appearance
·Front Bumper: Forza (Adjustable)
·Rear Wing: Forza (Adjustable)
·Rear Bumper: Stock
·Side Skirts: Stock
·Hood / Bonnet: Stock

Tire Pressure
·Front (PSI): 27.0
·Rear (PSI): 26.0

·Camber Front: -3.5°
·Camber Rear: -3.5°
·Toe Front: 0.0°
·Toe Rear: 0.0°
·Front Caster (Angle): 2∟

Anti-Roll Bars
·Anti-Roll Bars Front: 21.2
·Anti-Roll Bars Rear: 29.2

Springs (lb/in)
·Springs Front: 381
·Springs Rear: 468.5
·Front Ride Height (in): 3.2
·Rear Ride Height (in): 3.2

·Rebound (Front): 8.6
·Rebound (Rear): 7.2
·Bump (Front): 5.3
·Rebound (Rear): 4.4

·Front Aero Downforce (LB): 90
·Rear Aero Downforce (LB): 200

·Brakes (Balance): 60%
·Brakes (Force): 200%

·Acceleration (Front): 0%
·Acceleration (Rear): 65%
·Deceleration (Front):
·Deceleration (Rear): 10%
·Split (Front): 0%
·Split (Rear): 0%

·Final Drive: 2.43
·1st: 1.86
·2nd: 1.42
·3rd: 1.08
·4th: 0.82
·5th: 0.63
·6th: 0.48

a few things to try since this is a mid engine car …
tire pressure 27.5 on front and 28 on rear
put the front caster at 4.0 to start with
front arb around 10 and rear around 15
swap all of you damper settings around set the rear stiffer than the front on rebound and bump
lower the rear aero to 80 and raise the front aero to 100

see if these suggestions help you out

Try increasing your front aero

Try increasing your Accel

Try decreasing your decel

Try decreasing your front roll bar

Try decreasing your front bump

Also are the front tires max width?

Also try putting on a bigger front rim if u haven’t already

It’s a 900 PI Stradale…

lol worm i actually skipped over all the stats and looked at the tune !!! haha maybe next time i should read the entire post

Thanks! I’ll give all that a try.
Yes, it is a silly car to tune that high, but the game allows it, so why not try?

Haha I skipped that as well… I think worm figured out why this car doesn’t trun

It doesn’t turn because your rear suspension is broken - it has no bump :wink:

Seriously at that PI does the front stay on the ground? The front lifting is often a problem with that car. Have you tried low rebound, high bump? ONR RoadRunner briefly explained when to try swapping rebound and bump.:wink:

Yeah at 260mph this car wheelies for miles

Your also running stock suspension and stock Arbs you are taking the ability to tune the front end away…

Take a couple of widths off the rear tyres and it will turn like a bought one. :wink: But seriously, what you have there is a drag car.

The Bump / Rebound swap solved the turning problem.

Thank you everyone!

good to see that it helped spot