Why is NORDSCHLEIFE not in Online Hoppers / Leagues?!

Please T10, we want to race on Nordschleife in Public Lobbies / Leagues!! Why it is not implemented?


The Nordschleife is general I feel is very underutilized. It’s the only track I never get tired of and it hardly ever shows up anywhere in the game unless you choose to race on it.

It seems a bunch of people didn’t like it as when it came round you’d often see people vote against it or quit the race which sucks because it’s got to be one of my favourite tracks in the game.

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This will be why.

Part of the problem might be that it takes much longer to learn the track than others (obviously) and there’s a good chance of most of the lobby getting DNF. The difference between those who know the track well and those who don’t is much more pronounced than elsewhere. I remember there being two lap races in leagues I think in FM6 at one point. It only needs one Ring specialist in the lobby to make the 45 second end of race timer totally inadequate. If experience tells you that you’re unlikely to finish then that’s going to lead to votes against or quitting.

Great quote from Earnest Borgnine from the movie Baseketball.

“You kids with your loud music, and your Dan Fogelberg, your zima, hula hoops, and Pac-Man video games – don’t you see? People today have attention spans that can only be measured in nanoseconds.”


Yup nothing killed a full hopper quicker than the ring popping up. Max lobby to 5 cars almost instantly.

I always left when it popped up. I would have stuck around more if it was 1 lap, but 2 laps in S class, no thanks.

I think it’s all about Dubai, that uphill chicane is pure genius

It’s definitely a shame. Imo the best track in the world and it appears like 5 times in the career and never online. Is it hard to learn? Yes…but so rewarding after you know every turn, every line and breaking point.

In my opinion the problem of the Nordshleife in public lobbies is not really the track itself, it’s the length of the race in Forza 6 that made people run away (I myself quit the lobby or skipped the track in 6 all the time, just like everybody else).
Do you remember having this problem in Forza 4 and 5? I don’t. If we had 16/24 slots in the lobby, most of the people would still take part in the race and complete it. Why? Because we only had 1 lap to do. It was fun.
But then in Forza 6 they added an extra lap.
I think T10 didn’t understand it so they completely removed the track from Forza 7 hoppers.

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How long is an average race in a public lobby?

I assume 2 laps of the Nordschleife is a few minutes longer than the average.

An average race in a public A or S lobby? 4 to 6 minutes?

2 laps of the Nordschleife? 16 minutes?

And yet people will stay in the same hopper for hours on end but run from this track. It was one of the most popular in FM4 in the C class.
Perhaps instead of track votes we should have lap votes and put all tracks back into play in lobbies.

I don’t like Yas but it comes up over and over. Put the Nordschleife in. Those Yas tracks also clear out lobbies

It’s shocking from T10 - played in countless FM6 'Ring lobbies that were full, and very very fun - natural separation of the first 5-7 odd cars from rest of the pack made for some great battles.

Thinking even further about it - why can’t you search for a specific track when matchmaking for a particular hopper??? … similar to GT5/6

It would make sense to just add a Nordschleife Hopper since the track is so unique compared to the others. Maybe also a Le Mans Hoppers too if possible. I memorized Nordschleife since it was a requirement to do 100% complete in GT4.


Indeed, if you don’t know the circuit inside-out after Mission 34 you never will.

Sadly, many Forza Motorsport players these days don’t have the patience to race on this circuit online. It was the most popular location in Gran Turismo 6 however, 1 lap “Ring Lobbies” were being hosted every night.

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I like the track, but find it exhausting to race.

no “WE” don’t want it, you want it. I hate it and if it never appeared in any racing game ever again, it would be to soon in my opinion.

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Go play NFS