Why does it make you pay for the packs that cars come in when they are on the auction house?

I found a PORSCHE 911 GTR3 ON THE AUCTION HOUSE FOR 21 000 CREDITS and when I clicked place bid it said I had to buy the pack tht the car came in to place a bid. Does any one know why this is?

Because the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS is part of the Porsche Car Pack, which is DLC, so you must buy the DLC to get the ability to own the car.

There should be a little icon on the thumbnail in the auction house preview of the cars that has a “download” symbol, indicating DLC. You cannot buy these cars until you own the proper DLC pack.

You need to own the DLC pack that the car is part of before you can own the car.

If you own a DLC car, you automatically get one of those cars in your garage without having to pay in-game cash for it, and you can buy additional cars at auction, or from the autoshow. But you need to own the DLC first.