Why did you ruin it?

It has to be a joke right?

What the hell are the pointless clothing items, emotes and (not as pointless) horns about?

It has totally ruined the point of earning spins. In my last super spin and 3 normal spins I have 5 clothing items and a horn.

If I wanted trash like this i’d play SIMS

I play Forza for cars not stupid sequined skirts!

Am I the only player that thinks this has ruined what had such great promise?

Sorry my first post is to complain!


Sadly most of my superwheelspins are a joke too. I have a lot of time to play the game. But for someone who can only play 10 hrs each week the game is very frustrating what you get from the Wheelspin and credits. If you keep in mind that a lot of 10 million cars in the game and the castles.
For me it’s OK but I’m not the normal player. I put now 80 hrs in the game. And even there I got the most cars from the auction house!

Meh. I’m not bothered. There are only so many clothing items. Personally, I’ve not won much money from spins and soon cars and money will be all that’s left to win.

I will wager they will add more clothing junk to ‘pad’ the spins out

I wouldn’t even mind if the clothing items were not some wacky and flamboyant novelty items designed for hyperactive youtubers to have a spasm about in their streams.

Last clothing items I have won from wheelspins are a pink glitter cap, sparkly dress, and bright gold running shorts that are so short you would actually get a fine from wearing them IRL. For me personally, playing video games is a matter of immersion, if the game allows character customization I usually tend to build my character to at least resemble me and what I wear as much as the system allows, and in this game I have unlocked exactly two clothing items along with the starter outfit that I would be comfortable to wear, in virtual or real life. As a 120kg, burly, bearded and tattooed construction worker I really can’t find myself to be excited about skin tight jeans with a floral pattern on them.


Yeah, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal either. Wheelspins themselves aren’t really needed. They’re just a fun add-on. Take the items for what they are. It’s just a marketing ploy to grab a bigger audience. I’m sure I’ll find it annoying when I get my 10th duplicate skirt. That’s about the time I’ll probably stop doing wheelspins. I must have left over 1,000 on H3.

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Something else to consider. On FM7 I thought the outfits were to be fair pretty useless. Turned out once you had a certain number of them, the game started offering you 5 good Mod cards at level up instead of another Avatar outfit. Which by this point generally beat out the car on offer and the 50K credits. If I’d known that sooner, I’d have taken all the outfits much earlier.

There could be some grand plan behind them we don’t know about yet. Or not. Hey that’s games for you lol.

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I honestly don’t mind the dumb dancing and customisation, it’s pretty harmless.

HOWEVER, when we have got this stuff, but not a multiplayer that works properly and is a huge step back from FH3… then you can be damn sure there’s a problem.


Yep… and there’s the problem…

yeah, i gave up on wheels spins and stopped using them. they are just piling up waiting on some kind of adjustment.
last check i have 23 super spins and 143 regular spins.

Not sure I see the logic in that Xcelrate but again each to their own. I mean in amongst all the clothing and horns, there are some good credits and cars. I’d get spinning if it were me.

Nemesis - I never did multiplayer on FH1, FH2, FH3 so wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. I do the occasional Forzathon Live event if it pops up at an appropriate time but that’s about it. I’ve so far enjoyed FH4 more than just about any of the previous Horizon titles. Not sure how long I will play it before the siren song of FM7 calls me back but that’s just me - there’s still the expansions I’ve paid for with the ultimate edition, to look forward to as well as the weekly car releases.

The only disappointing factor I have is the sharefront for liveries but that’s been an issue of sorts since it was introduced as far as I’m concerned. It just seems to be more magnified this time around, so much harder to get your stuff noticed. Still for entertainment value for money, I will certainly get my money’s worth.

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I have 388 different cars, of which all but about 20 have come from wheelspins. Plenty of stuff in there for everyone. If you’re not into the clothing items, just look on them as increasing the longevity of the game.

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We are awarded more wheelspins than ever!

In addition to your base horizon level, there spins for the Horizon Life levels, Forzathon points, and Car Mastery. Plus, there is now a Super Wheel Spin which is basically three-in-one with some awesome potential.

If anything, the system is probably TOO generous. Stockpile spins and pout if it suits you, but go do some math on the earnings and prove you’re really winning less.

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I think it’s the “Shock and Awe” theory…

SHOCK: You earn a Super Wheelspin

AWE: You win the pink ballerina slippers, a pink mini skirt, and the AROOGA horn…


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