Why cant we tune in Showcases?

It doesnt make sense. I can understand some that use stock street vehicles cause there is no tuning on those cars, but why cant we tune the racing cars? It doesnt make sense to have to race a formula or prototype car and not be able to do anything to tune it. Part of the process of driving racing cars, even spec series, is to be able to tune them and the best tuners win the race.

This game has sooooo much potential and its just little things like this that keep it from being great. You cant tune in showcases, you cant create your own races in free play, inconsistent views in cockpit view, engine sound that isnt loud enough, being required to finish 3rd in volumes instead of making them series with points, no qualifying among other things.

Its frustrating cause there is such potential and just small things that seem to be overlooked can really take away from it.


The showcase events are there so you can experience the cars they way they were made, and so everyone is on a level playing field

Multiplayer sounds like the place to see who’s the best tuner because you can race against, you know, other tuners


Umm, no. The racing cars are MADE to be tuned. The showcases are not to put “everyone on a level playing field” because we’re not racing against others. That can be saved for rivals or other special events. The driveatars or the Digital Stig do not need a “level playing field.” In the showcases you need to beat the computer and when in a racing car that has the ability in stock “off the shelf” form to be tuned, it should be allowed.

Even in spec races in real life, drivers/teams have the ability to adjust the cars to the drivers’ liking and that is what sets apart better drivers in the series. It should be the same here. It seems to be just laziness of T10 to actually implement it.

Its too bad because some of the showcase events could be fun and a way to race in similar make races. However, when you cant do anything to make the cars drive better (especially some of the ones that are really poor in stock mode) it makes them something you dont want to go back to.

  1. The stock tune does not equal anything in made in real life, and in real life race cars are supposed to be tuned and no race team would race a car without tuning it.

  2. A tune does not make you the fastest driver, skill does. A good tune will shave only a little time off a lap time most of it is going to be skill.

I agree with you 100%.

This was something really annoying on FM5. When you are given a specific car in rivals events, like in the Signature Events, why can’t you tune your car? You are not changing the car or the PI by adjusting the tyre pressures. In FM6 this problem has extended to all the showcase events too! Default tune settings are terrible at best with tyre and brake pressure set far to high. And using a controller (which I always use, and with all the advanced options fully customized) events like the Endurance Showcases are horrible.

When using a controller rather than an expensive (and rather keen) wheel set up you need to be able to tune these settings. The Showcase Events cannot really be enjoyed to their full potential until a tuning option is added to the pre-race menu in the same way it has been in Career Mode. I was hoping that the elite controller, when it comes out, will help by letting you adjust the pressure you put on the brake with the stop block/hair trigger lock thingy it has. This only locks the trigger to 50% movement and I believe this will be a benefit to FPS players more than the Forza Faithful. Furthermore, this really does seem like a crude solution to a problem on a game that is supposed to be class leading.

Anyone who agrees with this issue please comment below and hopefully T10 will hear us.

Race car drivers use a car and can tweak and tune it slightly to suit their liking. They also tend to be the only ones driving this car from the manufacturer.

You are not a race car driver, and you are not driving a race car for an entire season. These are showcase events very similar to what some Forza players experienced at COTA near launch. A manufacturer shows up with a handful of cars, allows you to jump in, and drive it. They don’t let you mess around with their car and that is what the showcases depict.

Some of the showcases are meant to replicate famouses events or races of the past. Again, you are replicating something so the cars are set up the way they were historically. If you want to set up the same race AND have the ability to tune the car you can do so in Free Play or Private Online Lobby.


No again. You are completely wrong and off base. Simple as that.

When you’re racing a P1 car in an endurance event, you’re emulating a race, in a race car that allows for tuning. The driver should be allowed to do that. A driver in the 24 hours of Le Mans is not handed a car and said drive it without doing any tuning to it.

Manufacturers do not show up at a track with P1 car and allow anyone to drive it. And you cant replicate these races in free play because there is no ability to set up a single or multi-class race with specific cars.

I can understand the 1 on 1 or some of the street car event as those are stock cars and generally dont have any tuning to them. However, you can be absolutely sure, when a magazine tests cars, they are setting their own air pressures at the very least. So we should be allowed to, at least, do that.

You’re trying to force an explanation into something that doesnt make any sense. These are simply events that are already pre-programmed as specific races. They arent trying to emulate some arrive and drive event in the real world. Stop making silly excuses.

You can’t do that in free play and you should know that. Because in free play you can’t race against only one class. No they game throw you into field with cars from total different classes and years. And it’s absolutely wrong that I have drive a car for 3 hours who does not support my way of braking. The times are long gone that developers create gameplay like this. One one hand they say fm is a sim based game and on the others side the career is build like an arcade game. Whe are old enough that whe can run championships. Why whe must reach in every game 3rd place like in a sega rally arcade game. Think turn 10 the average player can not count and run a championship based series of 5 races. And tge same with no tuning for the showcase events. The endurance races could be juch more interesting if whe had the choice to play with different settings. The bentley is great gt3 car but I need to tune this car that I can drive it with fun.
Why turn 10 think people want arcade gameplay structure? If they stay this way they will go the same way that polyphony goes. I have played the complete career in pcars, even with all the bugs…why…because it’s believable. In fm5 I played maybe 20 % of career. The showcase events are great but the main career is boring since fm4.
It’s a shame that they let this potential unused.

Psychomantyx, in the real world, you can’t modify every car. There are cars that you must drive that don’ conform to your driving style and if you wish to drive them, you must respect the car and alter your style to fit the car. This is a part of what the showcases are trying to represent.

Moments in Motorsports recreates historical races where you are simply being allowed to jump into someone else’s car. The car is set up the way they liked it and it is your job to change your style to their car. If you’re a good driver, then you can do this and race well in the car.

Bondurant Auto Cross events are like doing paid autocross events in the real world. And I’m not talking about the auto cross events where you bring your own car, I mean the auto cross events where you’re in a driving school or you pay money and jump into a car for the auto cross. If you ever read car magazines and you see the adverts where you can go to Vegas and either lap or autocross a car the company owns for a small fee. Yeah, those events are what this emulates. You cannot mess with the car, you simply pay, jump in, and you must drive the car you are provided.

One vesus One showcase events don’t allow you to tune the car because they are straight up manufacturer rivalry events. Imagine again those car magazines or companies that do comparison testing. They don’t alter, upgrade, or modify the vehicle in any way. They are presented a vehicle from manufacturer A, manufacturer B (and sometimes more) and they drive them to see which is better. This is your job in these events - pick the car you like better and show that it can set a better lap time than the other. No tuning allowed because then it’s not the vehicle as intended by the manufacturer.

This is just an example using 3 of the different showcase styles. I hope it has helped make my point.

In case my point wasn’t clear, the OP asked why we cannot tune cars in showcase events. They did not understand why we have to use stock vehicles that we cannot modify. I tried to explain that in my first post and this is simply providing more evidence of that. I tried to leave out opinions and stick to facts.


The beauty of this game is that there are many cars to choose from. Each car is different and brings something different to the table. You get a new experience, there’s many characters, it should be fun. If you take every car and tune them out to all be the same then what is the point of having such variety? Why not have a game with only one car in it and save the hassle?


As fr the lack of Free Play options and the ability to recreate show case events in free play, you are correct. I wish to avoid this topic in this thread as it has (a) been discussed far too much in other threads, (b) this is not the lace for it, (c) hopefully it gets resolved. For now, there is Private Online Lobby and Forza 4. Enjoy!

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I’ve been able to adjust the tire pressure on every car that I’ve ever owned.


you dont have to own the car to do the race so i think its in rental mode, and you cant rune a rental.

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It’s adorable the way that people can justify some odd decisions made by other people.

In real life, race cars get tuned to match track and driver preferences in every single race. It would make perfect sense for an update to allow us to tune any stock tune-able aspects of Showcase cars. Especially in the endurance racing where you have to spend upwards of 1-2 hours behind the wheel… fighting an oversteery mess for that long is enough to keep me out of the cars i really want to drive. The ability to do a little DIFF and sway bar tweaking would make a world of difference.

You earn credits, xp, and mfg affinity in Showcases, so it’s not quite the same as rental mode.

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I loved doing endurance races. I believe it was F2 or F3 that had classes for endurance racing, so you can bring your own car instead of T10 dictating what you can race. Fighting a car that understeers/oversteers on the ring for 8 laps is nothing but punishment, especially if you like to race with simulated damage. The solution is very simple, allow tuning. If you have the thought process that it’s a special event and you shouldn’t be able to tune the car, don’t.

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We should have tuning on Showcase events.

To answer the question as to why you can’t, you really first need to know if it was a conscious design decision, or an oversight.

The showcases with the race cars are pretty easy without tuning. I won the Road Atlanta 100 on unbeatable with no vehicle enhancing mods going away with the C7R which is like 11 PI down from the top cars available for use.

I might have started lapping cars in my own class and not just the cars from the other class if they actually allowed tuning.

Love the showcase. Cars are easy to drive when tuned. Super easy to get good times. Showcase steps it up a notch to see who can really drive stock cars. If you can perfect a stock car you’ll be unstoppable with a tuned car.

Not having Tune Setup for production cars is fine as they have very little adjustment… But race cars have adjustment for a reason, and the default setup the game gives them is in most cases awful… Its not that I can’t still complete them with the standard setup, but its not as enjoyable and that frustrates me. (particularly the Bathurst endurance event as the V8 supercars are worst effected by this and they’re also my favorite to race in). And seems totally unnecessary as I cant imagine it would be a particularly difficult thing to include.

Also think some people are getting the wrong end of the stick reading this, we’re not asking for the ability to upgrade the car as some appear to be assuming, merely to tune the setup on cars that already have a large amount of adjustment in stock form i.e. racing cars…