Can't adjust tune or change tire compound in multiplayer and more!

Ok guys… Some of these things I’ve been complaining about since forza 3… First off, why for the love of God can we not live tune cars in multiplayer??? This is a huge deal when you drift, even grip for God sakes. You need the ability to tune in-between runs and races. I really don’t understand how this was even overlooked as a feature in the beginning. This is a video game, we should be able to do everything you can do in real life and beyond. Just like in real life races or drift events, if you need to change something you pit and do it. Tire compounds, parts, tune settings, etc. The only thing holding me back from enjoying this game fully is this. Every single mode in this game should allow for this. Period. No excuses. Also, why do you feel the need to hold our hands in multiplayer lobbies? Why are we not allowed to change any server settings at all? We should have full control of all settings. Coming from gran turismo, this feels like a joke and was very disappointed to see these few things haven’t changed and in some cases, gotten worse.

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