Why can't we title and create our own open lobbies?

I’m pretty new to Forza as I’ve just recently gotten my Xbone on Tuesday (I’m coming over from GT6),just wondering why Turn 10 doesn’t give us lobbies that we can create and title ourselves,seeing as there games aren’t just for racers but drag racers,drifters,cruisers,and for people who just like to hangout,why clump us all together when it comes to online? It’s extremely hard to find a drift room when your friends aren’t online,you’ll have to go through a bunch of random lobbies just to find one where the host isn’t constantly adding events while in free roam mode. Am I overreacting or is this a big problem that should’ve been solved a long time ago?

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Long time ago? Unsure but you came from a different platform, got 275G on your gamertag so I am highly curious how long you’ve been reading these forums and how other threads (dealing with suggestion / complaints about lobbies) do not fit your question.

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I feel the same exact way and have been asking since launch, but it’s not something they’re giving any answer to. So who knows.

Least helpful answer award.

Detective Octagon haha

You will find forum trolls everywhere, they live off attention so dont bother feeding them. First off welcome, always good to see new faces so to speak. Personally i couldnt agree more as all i do is drift with the occasional drag race and every night with out fail i find myself scouring twitch for drift streams then usually just message them and join, as far as i can tell its the only solution i have found so far. Feel free to add me on live ; ReNeGoOcH, if i’m on, i’m drifting


The Forza series has moved away from open lobbies. Im sure they think they are to old school of a way of playing for this generation.

I’d just rock and roll with what you’re presented with.

At this point, it would probably require quite a bit to make lobbies and have a system to search for them.

As it stands, luck is pretty much your only friend when finding a lobby and it’ll probably continue to be that way.

I feel your pain though. I often drive lower class cars built with a rally mentality and every time I show up in an online free roam, everyone is drag racing S2 cars. Not my bag.