Searchable Custom Public Lobbies RANT

Am I the only one who feels Turn 10 is completely ignoring the requests of this feature?

I understand how Turn 10 will focus on the League system and how it will fix the issue where players only **** other people up in races and stuff, but it doesn’t fix everything. What about the players trying to meet new people who share their interests? Like drag racers, tandem drifters, the cruisers, people wanting to have a meet to show of their brand new car and paints.

Say I want to meet people who want to drag some old muscle cars, does the league help me find those people or would it be better for me to make a lobby for everyone who shares the same interest as me to join it? And if it does, what if I would change it up a little, modern muscle cars for an example, would it instantly notice and only search for those people or would it be better if I could just set up a lobby for everyone who shares my interests to join it?

What about the tandem drifters… for us who want to find a section at a track to drift and get as close as possible, door to door. Maybe some restrictions to horsepower and type of cars. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just set up a lobby and fill up a lobby in the matter of a few minutes?

To me this League system is complete ********!

Sincerely a long time Forza Motorsport fan. (Started with Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. Got really into multiplayer in Forza Motorsport 4.)

PS: I don’t consider this as a request, just an angry feedback letter to Turn 10.

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They are taking features out that give the users control of the game/economy (AH, SF, gifting and custom lobbies), and taking control themselves.

Its a pretty obvious trend and I don’t like it.

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Yep, they have been, but its been battered to death and I think everyone just got sick of talking about it.

There also seems to be a little bit of a divide between people now too, we have the T10 hype train that thinks the developers can do no wrong and vehemently detest any type of negative opinion towards the game/franchise, and then you have the people who are noticing the decline of the community and different elements of the game that have declined or simply aren’t there, and have pointed out some of those flaws and have been shut down by the T10 hype train or the moderators and/or both.

The drift community has been one of the first to notice this and has been one of the loudest communities complaining about these features but nothing has been changed about it and the issues are still present.

I think its pretty obvious at this point that Turn 10 has their own vision for what they want to do with the game and could care less what the community wants.

I’ve heard on these forums when this came up once before, that the servers for the XB1 won’t support this feature. One of those “soldier-boy” games (COD or whatever) has to have their own private servers in order to do it.

If this is the case, T10 can’t do anything about it. As a Microsoft-owned studio, they’re likely relegated to using the in-house XB1 server network and can only do what that allows for.

Then why can’t we have a feature like EA’s Battlefield games, the option to actually rent a server, I would happily pay to host a Tandem Server! That is how much that means to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way! Searchable Custom Public Lobbies is easily the most requested feature on the forums. Turn 10 say they are listening to their fans. (They’re obviously not.)

Microsoft is a multi billion dollar company, don’t you think they can afford it?

I do.

The rest of the moderation team does.

We understand that many of you would like this feature back, given the many threads and posts and people we’ve had to ban over the subject because they’ve become completely unhinged over it, we really, really do understand.

But there are currently no searchable custom public lobbies in FM6 and apparently no obvious plans to implement them in the near future so these sorts of threads serve no productive purpose other than to collect the same sorts of complaints about the same non-existent feature.

At this point, your only real course of action is to post your request in the features wishlist and hope that there are enough of you that exhibit interest in the feature that it returns in the future.