Why are the cars from the "Welcome Pack" showing up as different from the regular versions in Promo?

Alight, That was very slick. I’ve seen these share codes talked about.
Just never knew the what’s, why’s and how’s…
Nice & Thanks…

I tried it 5 times, the whole grid is made up of ordinary P1s for me.

Did you brought bone stock P1 or upgraded? It only works with stock.

See above post. For me it did not work with stock.


Works perfectly for me and others but I wondered if you have upgraded or altered the tuning on your McLaren? The Owen’s McLaren is S2 957 so the car you’re using needs to have a similar PI.

Mine is S2 987. Only thing I can think of.

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Ah I never thought of that. The P1 is stock, I bought it just for this. I just tried putting an S2 998 tune on there and then the Owen’s car showed up, thanks.

From free roam: creative hub - blueprint events - search - select ‘share code’ and enter in the number.

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And I got this right now:

That’s weird then, maybe it’s because I had it on highly skilled, who knows. I tried it stock 6 times in the end, always just standard cars. First time I tried with upgraded car and I got one.

Anyway my life has been immeasurably improved by taking the photo :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s dumb that they give away PO cars as rewards for new features like Exhibition. Crushes the entire reasoning behind PO cars $$$

You can’t pre-order the game anymore, that’s why the PO cars got offered up. When I went to buy the game the pre-order was stopped more than two WEEKS before release day everywhere, so I wasn’t able to get ANY of the PO bonus cars. Plus there’s still two PO cars that I haven’t seen offered ingame yet, and that’s the Aston Martin and McLaren PO cars.

The Aston Martin was offered on Christmas Day.

The McLaren has not been offered yet, which means the only people who can legitimately have all the cars in the game as original owner are those who preordered the game from Xbox Live. However, it’s not required to simply own all of the cars.

IMO generally speaking this pack was a bad idea. All those cars are expensive in the game but if they’re worse than the originals then they’re useless, especially next to things that regularly appear on the Playlist/Forzashop. If they had made the cars OP it’d have been a P2W situation which is equally bad but at least justifies the pack’s price.

If these were extra FE cars, of which there’s plenty in FM7 to grab, I could understand… They’d feel special at least. But this pack costs money and has worse cars save for one… Not even a special license plate or a livery… Very weird decision IMO.

The DB11 PO was offered at least once (Tommy Bargains I think). The 720S PO is the only one that wasn’t offered yet.

While it’s true they all have a worse power/weight ratio in the case of the Baja it doesn’t matter. The big weakness of the normal Baja is its cornering grip and stability. The WP eliminates this weakness by some extent and still has more than enough power. Meaning the time gains through better handling outweigh the time losses under acceleration on most tracks.

Every other WP-car is weaker than its counterpart on a reasonable PI level (while the Ford GT '17 can’t be compared). At least, that’s what my testing indicates.

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The normal Baja is just fine in the handling and grip department when it’s tuned. Most people never bother to touch the springs, dampers, and other suspension settings so they’re left with a soft wallowing pig of a truck that shifts weight badly and wheel-bounces on every bump killing grip. I put the same tune in both versions of the truck and both felt the same to me. I shared the tunes if anyone is interested.

Exactly that. Normal version was fast, but was lacking handling/stability for me. I guess now Baja WP will be my S1 CC ranked car.

@GT40 WP - I saw YT videos where they praise GT40. It feels nice to drive, but for me it is not that good. However, I only did test it in freeroam and in one rivals track - Greendale Super Sprint…
Did time that was good for 250th place or something like that. After this I tried F50 GT WP in which I improved my time by 2sec. Later swapped to normal F50 GT and was faster by next 2seconds.

Can anyone buy WP cars in auction house or does this work like any other DLC car? That You have to own DLC to be able to drive that car.
I bought 2 cheap Bajas to sell them later, but as I think about it more, it might not be a good deal.

You have to own the DLC to be able to buy them at auction. Your profiteering plan will not succeed :smiley:

Yay :slight_smile:

1st was bought for 50kCR and 2nd for 275kCR. It will take me weeks to get up from this financial loss :frowning:

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I’ve tested all of that were featured in the pack, Maxed out to S2 to X Class, Those are by far better versions of the original cars, The best in those was the Ford GT and The Porsche 718 RS 60, they’ve had far more handling, acceleration and speed than the standard cars, Though the Aventador and F50 GT are fine for the changes…

The RX Focus was different as well, the Subaru is least interesting, i felt it was slower tbh…

Though i’m leaving no comments on the CJ5 Renegade and the Toyota T100…

To conclude, it’s kind of a shame the welcome pack doesn’t give out regular cars like they did on the previous games,

So i would say that it’s not good at all, cause the original cars are going to have less interest since the others are going to be better in every way (not in drag fortunately, except the for the 718 RS, and the Aventador, since they have the option for drag tires).