Why are so many cars’ gear ratios so wrong?

AMG GT R, GT63S, and Ferrari 488 Pista have incorrect gear ratios and I can’t see why they would not fix it. I’m sure there are more but those are the ones I’ve noticed and it drives me up the wall. They’d all be quicker with the correct ratios, and now I have to listen to the straight cut gears if I want a realistic version of these cars.

AMG GT R has incorrect ratios, final drive should be 3.88 and 1st gear should be 3.08. Ratios for the Pista are also so wrong it makes me sad, second gear should be much much shorter.

It’s very cool they actually added rear wheel steering to this game but there are numerous cars which have it in real life but don’t in the game: 2018 GT2 RS, Mercedes GT63S, Jesko. Probably others, and this one I could understand more than the incorrect gear ratios, it’s just a bummer.