Cars - 2022 MG7 - Stock Gear Ratios not reflective of it's IRL gearbox

Bug Info: The 2022 MG7’s stock gear ratios seem to be set in a strange way, ranging from 3rd being too short, with 7th and 8th being too long. I got about 52 mph in 2nd and 57 in 3rd.
Platform: Any Platform
Edition: I’m on Premium with all current Car Packs, but this can apply to any Edition.
Account: Solo
PC GPU: RTX 3060 on driver 551.61
Content Update: Car was added this week.

Edit 1: It’s come to my attention that the gear ratios for this gearbox are correct, but this is the wrong gearbox. I recently got an explanation that the gearbox ratios are from the GM 9T50, and not the ZF 9HP gearbox that is put in this car IRL.

Edit 2: Codatronic has recently shared a solution, in which the race gearbox was used to readjust all the gears to match the ratios of the ZF 9 speed. SC: 181 229 314