Who are the tuners to follow?

Hi, I’m relatively new to the forums, coming back since FM7. I don’t usually tune cars as I’m fairly inexperienced. Are there any tuners you’d recommend I have a look at? Also, while I do have a rough understanding of what affects the car and how, are there any good guides I can dive into to gain a proper insight for the methodology of tuning?

No Quantum, you`re not a tuner but another upgrader.

Most socalled tuners is just upgraders. Anyone can swap parts, reduce to raceweight & add wings and
then look at the “bars” to see how good their car scores. But the scores here doesn`t tell the whole story.

Ive tested out some of these tuners, and shaked my head. Takes me a few secs to improve them. Anyone who adds a rollbar, specially in lower classes doesnt know much about tuning. Or if you doesn`t know how to set up
a race-suspension to that actual car.

Like your b-class 77 Firebird, one of wery few that were not just maxed by adding all parts. Rollbar in a B-class
setup? Racing brakes? Ok, I tryed it anyway, around the Goliath. Fast but no grip, still stock tirewidth? 12.21 is slow.

Did a quick AWD-tune, and even if mine doesn`t “score” wery well it was 25 secs faster including some bad turns.

What tuners to follow? Depends on what you`re after, drifting, dragrace, topspeed or offroad.

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No Quantum, I`ve tested four different tunes, just mentioned this.
Sorry to be unfair but you did put your neck out when you recommended yourself.

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