Where the heck is Porsche at!?

Hey you’re not the only one. What I do though is photoshop my own images with Porsches like 2011 911 speedster and the 918 spyder with my horizon screenshots, you know because i’m also impatient but you have find something to distract you in the meantime. Now hopefully the Porsche expansion won’t just include Porsches and bucket lists but also maybe a map expansion similar to Midnight club where the south central area was added through DLC and you don’t have to go to the airport to travel there.

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Yes. Hopefully when someone has the Porsche expansion construction will begin in Australia and roads will be built on the 1/6 of the map that is inaccessible.

In Xbox terms (I believe), if it has additional Achievements, it’s an Expansion Pack.

In any case, there’s no ‘it’ right now and we have no idea right now what form a Porsche addition will take or even if or when it will show up because Turn 10 hasn’t acknowledged the idea of adding Porsches.

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So that is the shortcut? If DLC carries extra achievements it can be considered an “expansion”? Inb4 they are achievements ported from Horizon 2 with the names and prerequisites changed up a bit. Nonetheless, I’d enjoy Porsches, but would rather not pay $20 for cars ported from Horizon 2 and Motorsport 6 with the ability to get some extra achievements. I’d rather have a map expansion than a double car pack with bucket lists (that don’t even do anything except increase gamerscore, aside from leaderboards that no one cares about).


In an indirectway, they did. When that huge leak happened, and it showed a few Porsche models within that, that pretty much confirms they will be in at some point, just the how and when is unknown.

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Maybe … maybe not. Dev builds of games contain content that is never released all the time.

I am a PC Forza Horizon 3 player, and I am looking forward to the Porshe Pack, but as a separate pack (not expansion). We never had this before!

I’m so tired of hearing about this. I hope they have some RWB stuff for the Porsches.

It would be hilarious if they actually made the 2nd expansion something else and then people would be shouting here “when do the Porsche pack arrive? C’mon already! We know they are coming.”

In the leaked list, there is the 993 GT2, which hasn’t be in a forza since fm4. As RWB is listed on the credit game, there are a lot of chance that this car will have a rwb body kit… in my opinion

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i really hope they do something else for the next expansion.
Porsche in a car pack… ok… whoever want´s this boring cars is free to buy.
But PLEASE not in an expansion… so much more cool stuff to do than this ugly cars :smiley:

Guys, I don’t care if it’s Porsche pack with the bucket list or Porsche pack with the additional map (not very likely). I’m going to buy it anyway. I bought a standard version of a game without any dlc. I skipped Blizzard as well as I am not a big fan of rally driving. But I really like Porsche (although they are all the same this brand is pretty unique for me) and I will pay for this for the fourth time whatever it is, glorified car pack or the real expansion. So I would really appreciate if Playground would deliver it asap and not in few months.

Porsches are cool…performance wise and as far as being iconic…but other than the 928 which has never been in this game, the 944, and 959,most Porches are just versions of the 911…older or newer…single or twin turbo but then you have the more modern Cayenne and Panamerica…addition of the Rauh Welt , Gemballa, or RUF widebody kits would be cool beans…you could make a nasty beast…with 600 horses or more…Carrera GT will be a another uber expensive supercar to obtain…since Porsche and VW are owned by the same company…it would be cool if we could get the Beetle, Golf R32, Corrado, maybe a proper old school Jetta instead of the boring modern Bora model, maybe a Type 2 bus, a Kharman Ghia , and etc…that would be worth the time we have patiently waited and the money…hopefully in future games, they will find a way for you to pay a small fee and import cars from previous game files.,they have the technology !

The 550, 356, 914, Cayman/Boxster, Carrera GT Macan and 918 are not “just versions of the 911”. And this doesn’t even their iconic race cars like the 908, 917, 956, 962, and 919, nor the derivatives of the 944 (924 and 968). Even among the 911’s, there is a huge variation. Other than engine location and basic shape, there isn’t a lot of similarities between a 1967 Carrera and a 2017 911 R.

Also, not sure why you listed the 959 in the other than category, it was actually derived from the 911.


The 944 was derived from the 924 :grin:

the leak is promising as is, and with quite a few race cars in game perhaps the 935/78 will also be thrown in

I’d welcome Porsche with open arms. Might stop seeing countless Lambos and Ford GTs and blooming Dodge Darts when I’m online. Yawn.

The only Porsche I want is the 2011 Porsche 911 speedster. Other than that I don’t care what else they’ll add.

@xXxNFSFORZAxXx, True, but we better make it 19…


Nope, 20


Well, I find myself playing FH2 even more now as I am really really bored with FH3…so I am not investing any more money into it. I am just waiting for the FM7 announcement with the hopes that this will be a step into the right direction.

And as far as the leaked car list goes…it might actually be the exact same Porsches as before only with one or two updates. There should be a huge map extension needed (and I mean huge) to get me into buying anything for the game. I did not even buy the snowy expansion as the tiny map does not get my attention more than a few minutes. Like Storm Island in FH2…it was fun for an hour or so and that’s about it.

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