Where is the 2012 SRT 392 Challenger?

Look I know we have the hellcat and all, but why do we not have the 2012 SRT 392 Challenger? Why did we swap it for the hellcat? We have like a thousand mustangs, might as well have more challengers you know?

It seems to have been replaced by the 2015 Challenger.

the photo above comes from my car list located here:

Max also has a list I shared there as well I highly recommend you check out! He has 11+ years in his list.

Licensing tends to very complicated. So its hard to tell the exact reason though. But, if you would like to see it get featured in a Forza title I highly recommend you vote here

(was closed see Max’s Reply Below)
P.s. this does not guarantee a position on the car roster by any means.


The body style didn’t change much between the Hellcat/Demon and that older, less powerful car…so my guess is the Dev’s are trying to avoid GranTursimo Syndrome by not releasing 20 variants of the same vehicle with minor variations in body styling.

There are plenty of cars even as recently as Motorsport 7 that haven’t made their way into this game…meanwhile, we get…a Morgan 3 wheeler…???..anyhow, to each his or her own.

I’d like to see more 60’s and 70’s era cars, a nice lumbering Starsky and Hutch Gran Tornino for example…if you use a wheel I’d suggest you have more fun muscling (no pun intended) those cars around roads at speeds than always sticking like glue to the road in a modern sports or super car.

Hi XB0XL1ZARD - we don’t have any updates on specific models or brands until we announce their addition to the game, but you can see a brief explanation of the various reasons why cars aren’t included at a given time in the Car Voting Guidance thread in the Suggestions Hub.

There are over 4000 models users have expressed interest in seeing added to the game. If you’d like to see the 2012 Challenger added, be sure to vote to express your interest: Dodge Challenger 2008-2014

Wait @T10ManteoMax they do have a Challenger Srt8 392 section though? Should they vote in both? Or is that a section that will be merged with time?

I just closed that 392 topic to direct all votes to the 2008-2014 generation, trying to consolidate generations. The 2008-2014 thread has many more votes than the 392 thread did so it’s still coming to our attention as a significantly upvoted model.


Ohhhh okay yea that makes sense! Thank you for your reply and I really do not know how you keep up with all of the voting stuff. There is so much to keep track of and update 24/7

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I actually wish that they would have offered base versions (or at least R/T versions) of the Challenger and the Charger with the ability to upgrade to the SRT, Hellcat, etc.

One of the main reasons I keep playing Horizon: Fast and Furious over and over is that this is the only Horizon game that has the modern (2015 - 2023) Charger R/T, which is one of my most favorite cars to drive in any/all of the T10 franchise.


Completely agree. In fact the 2012 392 challenger or the fantastic FF R/T model would most likely start in b class. It would be nice if I had another competitive modern muscle car in B class.