Where Are The Special Liveried Lambo And Focus

During the festive season Joniwanna made a Twitch broadcast during which he showed a Lambo and a Focus with special liveries and he stated that they were gifts which we could all expect soon. Soon has come and gone and although I have had the pleasure of racing against some of these beautifully liveried cars my own gifted cars must have been sent to the wrong address cos I sure as hell have received neither not even the special one for VIP’s like myself. Just wanted to check and see if anybody had any word on why these cars have not been made available as widely as I thought they were going to be and if they are going to be rolled out soon let us all be made aware so we can look out for them hopefully in the near future.

They have all been sent out.

If you go in game to your messges are there any in the gift section?

Is it possible you have received them and when you go to the garage you are looking but just see plain paintjobs, because in the garage that is what they look like but when you take them out on the road you see the paintjobs.