Where Are My Cars?

Downloaded the “gift cars” in my messages inbox (Torana, Chevelle FE, and Falcon) and they are nowhere to be seen. It didn’t register and still show up as locked under the car collection menu. I’m so irritated and can’t blame anyone for losing interest in keeping up with this game.

Do you have the maximum (900) number of cars already in your garage?
Do you have any Xbox account Privacy settings that prevent downloading content?
Have you had this issue with downloading gift cars before?
Have you rebooted?
Are the messages gone or still in your Message Center?

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No, I don’t have the max number of cars.
No, all settings are/have been good to go since playing FM7.
No, I’ve never had this issue that didn’t fix itself before.
Yes I’ve rebooted.
No, messages went away after pressing “A” to download.