When will Car Packs and the price of the cars be discounted (Real Money)?

The season pass got discounted to 39.99 but the individual cars are still 2.99
I hope they have a sale soon for like .99 cents a car
I need to buy 3 cars for achievements and i don’t want to pay 9.00 for cars i will barely use

So does anyone know if they will discount the cars the game is super old

I don’t think they will be. Car add-on packs for FM4 are still expensive considering how long ago the game came out and now two more forza titles have been released

They may discount the packs from time to time, but no one knows when until it happens/is announced. As for the individual cars - they haven’t been discounted in the past and I wouldn’t expect them to be anytime in the future. Usually the cost of 2 or 3 cars is more than a whole pack anyway.