Wheel Spin Bug After Update

I haven’t been able to verify if this happens each time yet or if it is a one time thing only but I got my level up spin and it was all Transit Vans with the Jackpot being a cheaper car, the old Ford Fiesta.

One time thing for everyone - can’t remember what level but most of us have seen that for one prize spin.

Oh interesting. I just hit 80.

It’s a special spin at level 80. Had it myself today, and got the Fiesta. Not sure whether I won or lost on that one to be honest.

Nah, I got this one too.

Methinks the prize spins are less “random” than we’re led to believe.


I am inclined to agree with you

everyone I know get the same result a lot of the time, especially for these special spins

My brother and i play in the same room. we are about the same level and i can tell you are level spins are pretty much the same. just a different outcome.

Level 81*.

It’s no bug, just some humor. Or a way to get frustrated, depending on how you view it.

From what I’ve been reading and talking to various ppl about these spins is that they aren’t that random at all, t10 should have just given various prizes at each lvl. But I suppose ppl who like to play poker machines get a kick out of it

i got the transit on my one. i did chuckle.

They’ve recently hired someone from Konami who spent the last two years programming Pachinko machines. lol

I had the Transits and Fiesta one around level 10.