Wheel model – Volk TE37 – Inaccurate model

This issue has persisted since Forza Motorsport 3, but was amplified in Motorsport 5 for no particular reason. The Volk TE37 wheels in Forza have a terribly inaccurate model, every single aspect of them is wrong. The spokes are too thin, the centre piece is too small, the whole wheel seems to have been modeled for a diameter it was never offered in

Additionally, in Forza Motorsport there exist two other versions of TE37 wheels which both have more accurate models than the TE37s available in FM3-FH5, alongside them


In some cases bugs will not be fixed due to a variety of reasons such as the feature becoming obsolete, the feature is currently intended and working as expected, or a risk of creating larger issues when attempting to fix

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