Wheel - menus show keyboard buttons when wheel is connected (1605163)

the game dont read the name or the wheel in input methods

the wheel works but on advance input settings sayes

i have a wheel not a controler thnx FIX IT

A wheel is a controller. You control inputs using your wheel

see the images again

When I use my Logitech wheel, the A,B,X,Y etc. buttons do not show on the screen. The button map doesn’t change from keyboard, however the buttons do work.
Also please map the xbox version wheel settings and the PC version with the same buttons. The rewind on PC is Y while the xbox is X. It gets a bit confusing when swapping machines.

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fix the files come on

That is the standard setting for most race sims. I can’t see anything wrong with it. You need to be more specific than “Fix the files”

I have the same issue. I tried reinstalling the GHUB software and the wheel drivers. It’s really annoying.

It’s not the drivers for the wheel, it’s how Forza handles the data from the input device. Obviously, the wheel button labels have been forgotten about and needs to be added. At least the wheel works, I suppose. In FH5 the wheel had terrible problems on release and it was a couple of weeks before it was addressed.

I think this is for wheel users in general. The default button mapping for my Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 hub is very confusing, and all of the button prompts only reference the keyboard. FM7 and the Horizon series would at least update the prompts based on last detected device. Not being able to remap controls for navigating the menu’s is also annoying. Resorted to wireless keyboard when not in race.

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Amazing how EA can get this right with their driving games, yet MICROSOFT not able to on their own platform/OS

Logitech G29 steering wheel.
The steering wheel in the game is detected as an unknown device, but works fine. The Logitech G Hub driver is installed.
The icons of the steering wheel buttons in the game and menus are not displayed, instead of the steering wheel buttons, the keyboard buttons are displayed. Also, changes to the steering wheel buttons are not saved after re-entering the game.

I’m sure it’ll be put right soon enough. This is the problem nowadays, games are rushed out without proper testing and things do get missed. The days of beta and alpha testing are gone. The consumers are the testers now, hence these forums

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I have an issue where i have my G29 connected, recognises the pedals and steering but gears dont work and i cant map buttons because it states ‘Unknown Device input’

I have latest drivers and firmware. How can this even be possible? Like if it doesn’t know my wheel how does the pedals work and steering but no buttons.

Anyone help with this??

I cant even remap to buttons because the game doesn’t recognise my inputs. Steering works, pedals work but buttons dont. Even when im on latest firmware and software etc. I literally cant play the game till this is resolved.

It never got sorted for FM7 with any of the Logitech wheels I used back in the day. It got to a point where I couldn’t even navigate the menus there!

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Apart from what you mentioned, ffb doesn’t work for me. whatever I set it to is almost zero. they did something wrong for G29

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It’s the same on the G920 which is practically the same as g29, so the keyboard buttons have been displayed for me on every Forza game I’ve tried, as for the FFB yeah it’s horrendous, I started looking at the forums because of this very issue :confused: no FFB when going over the rumble strips at the side of the track and no change in feeling when driving through undulating track, this needs fixing along with the horrendously buggy performance issue people are having :ok_hand:

G923 here with Logitech drivers and firmware updated. Same problem with FFB and also not correctly mapped buttons (interface displays keyboard buttons, not wheel).

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G920, G29, G923 are actually the same steering wheels. The difference from the G29 is essentially that the G923 has a TrueForce system, while the G920 lacks a couple of buttons.