What's wrong with the camber in Horizon 3?

I use the telemetry to tune my camber, to get the temperature on the inner and outer roughly the same, just a little more hotter on the inner, and on Forza 6 I can do this easily, I get cambers around -2 and -3 but on horizon, when using telemetry, the inner and outer temps are completely away from each other, even when the camber is set to 0, I get temperature differences of 20, 50, even 90. Why is this with Horizon? And any solution?

Are you checking after the tyres are hot?

I have the same problem I disregard the telemetry now for camber I just go by feel.flat straight road with rear camber at zero and tyres would have 6-8 degree Celsius varition it did my head in

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Yeah when they’re hot, and exactly, even when it zero it’s a big difference, also the tyre pressure is much different on Horizon, I’d use around 28psi to make the tyres 31-32 when hot, now leaving at 30 will be 31-32. The tuning is a bit weird on this game lol

I was still able to get my outside hotter before tweaking camber. I did not notice anything strange apart from being stuck at lower temps with some cars. That made me either mount narrower tires or add a lot of neg camber to get at least the inside hot. But nothing out of the ordinary stands out for me, able to tune the camber pretty normally to a 5-20 deg Celsius difference (depending on the car) between inside and outside. I did come from FM4 so I did miss a couple of games and physics changes.

I’ve got one car at -4/0 or something like that. It looks hilarious when parked but it works. The front didn’t want to turn and the rear wanted to waddle like a duck. It’s that talbot thing with awd swap because in rwd it did donuts for no apparent reason. It’s a fast car though in some class I built it for. Maybe C? Idk.

What I’ve seen so far…trucks usually need lower camber and some random cars here and there that have a very free chassis.

Everything else, camber the hell out of them.

-2.5/-2 with 8/32 roll bars is a good starting point.

I’ve found most “normal” vehicles (basically cars that weren’t specifically built to drive offroad) like 1.4/.9 for their camber. I use those settings on every car I tune and rarely have to change it.

Maybe it works for me because of the way I set up the ARB, springs, and dampers (which is usually the same on every car relative to it’s weight and the distribution of it’s weight).