What's wrong with Porsche?

I’ve bought two 911s so far in the game (1973 RS and 1995 GT2) and both of these cars are tend to lift both of their front wheels when accelerating out mid- and high speed corners.

Yesterday I took the '73 for a test drive to Nordschleife. Everything went fine until Schwedenkreuz (that looooong very high speed left hander after the “Flugplatz” section). There the car lifted its nose for a second like it’s going to take off. At first I thought it’s not car movement but some cockpit camera glitch because I haven’t lost control of the car - I was able to brake and proceed to the Aremberg right hander.

Today I tested the 1995 GT2 on Nürb GP: at first it went fine but after a medium speed left-right combination (after the uphill straigh following the right hander hairpin) again it felt like the car is preparing for take off. It was not a sudden jump it was more floaty. Like a slo-mo wheelie. In the three lap session it happened again at different parts of the track.

It felt very weird so I’ve checked the replay and the telemetry: in the replay it was visible that the 911 lifts both front wheels off the ground, about 10cm for about 1 second or so. Suspension telemetry displayed that the front suspension reached its expanding limit. Speed was about 130-140km/h and every “wheelie” happened during acceleration. Maybe I touched the curbs but not to aggresively so not the curbs made the car unstable.

Weird, isn’t it? But it’s not the most interesting part: the car continued to turn even with both of its steered wheels in the air, only the rears contacted the road surface!!!

You may think that I made some funny suspension setups for these cars but it’s not the case: the '73 was factory default the '95 was automaticly homologated - after that I only changed the rims that’s all.

I haven’t saved the replay but it’s easy to reproduce the glitch, as I wrote it happened at least three times in a 3 lap session at Nürb GP.


Lol… good to know that in FM7 physics is so sophisticated that the cars can turn without the steering wheels on the ground. Yea that sounds like the definitive racing game of all time. Sad really, I always thought that in FM games we had car behavior based on contact between wheel and the road. Instead we were always racing in magic boxes where wheels are just a cosmetic gimmick.

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The weight distribution is somewhat over pronounced in Forza’s physics model for the porsche …in this game and also in Horizon. If you manage to grab enough air it quickly becomes apparent.

Totally agree. Porsches tend to suffer from it the most due to the engine being in the rear. Weight distribution is extremely important in Forza and Porsches aren’t great at that.

i remember having this problem in forza 6

Yeah, that’s in FM6 too. I think I stiffened up the rear springs to help keep car flat. I don’t drive the Porsches that much because of the tail out mid corner handling. May have something to do with the way I’m lifting off the gas in the corner. In those cars I think it can cause the thing to swing loose.

Great… this was a physics bug in FM6 too. I understand how rear-heavy the 911s can be, but they do not try to do wheelies like this IRL. It makes me wonder… does T10 even play and quality-test their own games or is it just a cash milking practice every two years?

What you mean like this?


No, BOTH front wheels taking off at the same time, to about 10cm high. I managed to fix it with racing suspension and now the GT2 corners as it should. Lifting ONE front wheel is okay with the 911, as tendency to sudden lift-off oversteer.
I havent noticed this glitch in F6 I never drove my 911s stock.

Ive just seen this , i was just over taken by a 911 and it was wheeling past me I did have to laugh it looked so funny.

a quick tune could counter act that. It doesn’t sound like a glitch but rather just a result of upgrading the car (Homologaton is annoying). I had a similar issue in rear engines cars in Forza 6

I have been driving a few Porsches lately because of the 356 Speedster. But in some cases it has been a weird driving experience. For instance, the porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0 is very wobly at the front. The 3rd corner at Monza is quite a challenge… Next up is the 959, this one oversteers, a lot. The first corner at suzuka can be done either drifting through it or, if you are lucky, cleanly. And last but nog least, the Cayman GT4. I like the shifting animation, but it’s certainly less likeable when it’s completely wrong. Apparantly Turn 10 thinks 1st gear is down-left, 2nd gear is up left, and so on. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Anyway, i was wondering wether other people were having these issues aswell, especially the handling issues. I use a G920, before anyone asks if i use a controller.

You’ll need to tune the porshe. Rear engine and rear wheel drive makes for a light front end when accelerating. Stock suspension settings are not very good on this car. I believe there wss another thread about this where some tuners chimed in on what settings to adjust.

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You shouldn’t have to. No way it should drive like that as stock. They’d sell ZERO cars if it did. It’s an obvious bug/problem with the game.


Generally people don’t drive Porsches greater than 100mph and don’t drive the cars at insane speeds around corners.

I wouldn’t call it a bug more so that it’s probably somewhere between real life and inaccurate default tune settings. Porsches are known to be a handful which is part of the attraction.


I hate to be “that guy” but I have done exactly that on a number of occasions IRL, and it feels nothing like it does in this game. If it did, I’d be in the hedgerows. More than once.

I’d like to think you’ve nailed it, here – great post – but I’ve experienced this with many other cars in the game, from the RZR (as if that “car” needed to be ANY MORE ANNOYING than it already is) to various mid-engined exotics.

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Any relatively modern car that bottoms out harshly needed to have more time spent on it by Turn 10. I’ve not driven a real car that was worthy of being in this game that behaved like that. I understand that they’re working with a relatively simplistic handling model, but given that we don’t really get a perfect view into exactly what the stock and sport suspension tunes on these cars really looks like means that they should consider trying to model the behavior of an OEM style progressive rate bumpstop. The race suspension options being linear rate only is fine as that’s what most seem to end up with, although there are certain notable exceptions like in Nascar where they use stacks of bumpstops tuned to keep the front splitter at a specific height at speed.

I didn’t have too difficult a time with the RZR after I realized that I could tune the suspension. Lowered it as much as it would let me and moved the spring rates to somewhere in the middle of the adjustment range as a first run, 5 second fix and was surprised that it turned out to be decent to drive. I’ll still never use it again and never cared to in the first place, but the annoying handling can be mostly fixed.

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I would too if I owned a Porsche. They shouldn’t be lifting like they are but probably would with some corners that have some elevation changes.

That’s why my second point it’s probably default tune settings. I played with one Porsche model yesterday and it never lifted. It was untuned but the base tune felt good. I think the game is "simulating " what a Porsches feels like with really bad spring settings. Lmao.

So using real life settings doesn’t translate to how physics work in the gaming world. I really wouldn’t be surprised if T10 copy pasted real life Porsche data.

Something I’ve noticed with a few of the Porsches in Forza is that they have a tendency to bottom out the suspension in ways that would be absolutely inexcusable in a real car. The cover car even has this problem.

My theory is that they received some spring rate data from Porsche and went with that. The problem is that Turn 10 doesn’t seem to have modelled progressive spring rates and what they do for suspension stiffness, so the long microcellular polyurethane bumpstops designed to progessively increase the spring rate so it won’t bottom out harshly doesn’t happen in Forza like it would in a real Porsche.

With some Porsches I’ve had to increase the spring rates to absurd levels to get them to handle right. I think the 928 is the best example. This car is a mess on the stock suspension, but IIRC I’m running at around 1000 lbs/in front and rear and I’ve placed it on the first page on the regional board on most of the career races and a few first pages on the world leaderboard.

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