Whats some good drift cars in fm5? (rwd)

Whats some really good cars, for angle or speed, or smoothness or what’s just a freak of nature in general in fm5?

Just curios cause im comin to fm5 soon and im. A fm4 drifter atm…

Also is mitsubishis good for drifting? And what motor you guys are using in yours? And whats the best motor for them in your opinion?

And is mustangs and skylines still one of the best cars for drifting and fast as hell or what?

It’s down to personal preference really. I use anything from JDM cars (Skylines, Supras) to the American V8’s ('13 Shelby GT500, '65 Mustang) and even some BMW’s and Mercedes. Basically anything.

And it all depends how you tune them. Search my teammates gamertag ‘Beetfarmer89’ he has drift tunes for most cars

If you want some open-source tunes there are some in the drift section on my teams forum: http://pendulumtuning.freeforums.org/drifting-f162.html (Note requires a free registered account to view forum) As well as tuning tips & drifting guides etc.

I really like the forum btw

My favorite 3 cars so far are the BMW 1M 2011, Toyota Supra, and the Toyota FT86

Yeah ive heard the new 86 is awesome in fm5

Here are 3 of the best drift car.

  1. Mazda 3

  2. GNC Van (dunno the name)

  3. Kia, top gear car (dunno the name)

Those cars put me in top 100-200 of the Rival Challenge. Forget about Rx-7 or Silvia or GT85, they are not for drifting…

Here are the actual photos of the car, just in case.

Best Lap on Top Gear Rival (Mazda)

Personal Best Lap for Indi Rival (Van)


Best lap for Bugatti track Rival. (Kia)

Lol @forcefulodin36