Rwd Classic muscle cars to drift with?

I’ve been playing forza since forza 3 but only drifting since fm4 and I’m currently playing fm5, any good classic cars that are good drift cars? I am currently running a chevy nova ss 396 with my own tune on it and it drifts pretty well but I’m looking for a new build…

Also looking for new drift buddies hmu on Xbox my GT is Captain Orange1

There is honestly no real good and quick drift cars that are of the ‘classic’ genre in FM5, all the quick cars are with modern chassis’ (obviously) like anything that is from the mid to late-90’s onwards. You might get lucky with a Dodge Challenger or Dodge Dart but your best best is to use an old chevy, like the '69 Camaro Z28. I wouldn’t even suggest driving anything like the impala, unless you like driving boats.

Add me I got some good tunes for classic cars. I’ll help u out as I’m around 30the n all rival tracks