What the hell is up with these MB racing trucks?

I’m doing the career mode with em, and you need to go to the rectangle Rd America layout. The track is little more than 2 short straights and 2 long ones.

Every AI car though is outrunning me on the long straights By a VAST margin, I even turned down my final drive to the point I’m near enough on the rev limiter on the longest straight and yet still I CANNOT keep up with the AI cars.


Its the magic AI fairy dust.

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Ran this race this evening and noticed the same thing. They are way faster on the straights but they’re also much slower in the corners.

If you don’t want to turn the AI down, lengthen the race to extra long (40 laps) and set damage to at least Fuel and Tires. You can do about 28-29 laps on fuel but tires wear much quicker. Pit at the end of lap 20 for fuel and tires. Go full throttle up pit lane entrance and make the game slow you down.

AI is not good at tire management. They’ll stay out until they need to pit for fuel by which time their tires are shot. With the time you gain entering pit road and having fresher tires, you’ll have a good shot at leapfrogging them when they pit. I came out about 1200 feet ahead of second place and they only made up half the distance by the end of the race.

Race took a little under an hour but I made a over 300k and leveled up twice. But I’m crazy like that. :slight_smile: