What prevents Forza from creating concept cars (like in Gran Turismo)?

For me it feels like forza matches the vibe and it might be a great new feature. Creating totally new concepts with different car manufacturers that won’t necessarily exist anywhere except for the virtual world of forza? Forza is a fun game where anything feels possible. You can have Halo’s Warthog, Quadra V-tech from cyberpunk and much more. So my question is why not use the feature that matches the game so perfectly. I know forza got forza edition cars, but they are not visually different from the regular ones. I think it can be a cool addition to the future forza game or maybe even to the current one. In my head I’m thinking of something Like Forza Vision , Forza Concepts or something along those lines.

Some Concept cars:

There are already a few concept cars in the game, and in previous games. My guess is the two main things preventing them from doing it on the regular is needing permission from the manufacturers, and the interest from the playerbase to justify the work for that particular model.

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I believe how it works in GT is the manufacturer themselves creates the concept car.

“Jaguar’s team of designers were given complete creative freedom to develop the perfect proportions and beautiful surfaces of this virtual Jaguar of the future.”

Personally speaking, desirable = actual real world cars > real world concepts > product-based concepts (realistic > abstract) > fantasy concepts (realistic > abstract)

Despite me saying concept cars , some of the cars that I refer to don’t look super futuristic or anything like that. They look like regular cars except with a nicer body kit. Also I consider FH4 to be more on a fun side. Therefore addition of the fantasy concepts wouldn’t hurt the game in any shape or form. But even games that try to be super realistic(NFS) add fantasy concept cars or body kits.

I wasn’t exactly disagreeing with you, but rather speaking to Peregrine’s comment “interest [needed] from the playerbase to justify the work” with how I personally scale this sort of car type desirability. While I would prefer they stuck with real real world cars, I’m not totally against conceptual vehicles. For example, I don’t hate the Warthog or Quartz Regalias, and would be ambivalent as to whether they stay or not. The Quadra V-Tech I love; just a beautiful car and perfectly rendered (well, those all are), but I could have done without it. If I had to pick one, I’d want the Chryslus Rocket thing back. Hot Wheels cars like Boneshaker and Rip Rod, while I’ve enjoyed the non-overpowered versions of them the last few games, I think they fall on the side of ‘silly’ rather than ‘fun’ and would prefer they were omitted along with nonsense like giant drivable pumpkin concept cars (God, I hope that’s not a real thing).

That said, I really don’t care much for things like the Singer Porsche and Hennessy Velociraptor; while certainly real world, the last thing I need is another 911 (maybe if we only had one or two, alright, but I dont need an exta anything reimagined when I have orginals in spades) and ixnay anything with six-wheels, ugh. The Deberti designs I was pretty underwhelmed by. Now, all of the aforementioned were nicely done and aren’t eyesores or ridiculous clown deathtrap car trash like the Peel, and perhaps they don’t take away from the game (arguably), but I don’t think they necessarily have ADDED to the game, either. One thing each one has done, however, is keep a highly-requested real world fan favorite from Manteo Max’s running list from potentially joining the game. I would trade all of the aforementioned cars and my youngest sister to get my AMC Pacer X back, either that or one of a slew of others I covet. My non-scientific guess is that the vast majority of players would also prioritize or prefer real-world cars they are familiar with, have posters of, have dreamt about, and/or have real world personal connections to.

However, as I think about Wreckfest’s original jalopy knock-offs of real world cars, if there was a car pack made available of, say, 70’s and 80’s classics, I’d probably buy that if whatever was offered wasn’t already overly represented in-game. And with that, to your point, could be a workaround if licensing cost or rights became an issue. But at the end of the day, despite varying preferences and exceptions to hypothetical rules, every fake/pretend/product/etc concept available in-game ultimately prevents something real from being added, be it my Pacer X or somebody else’s Delorean.

Have to agree with OP, Holden Effigy anyone?

Oh, forgot to add that real world concepts with interesting or fabled back stories (or anything with an interesing story, really), such as my all-time favorite AMC AMX/3, anything like that is way, way cool and so-very approved. I would literally cut off any part of my body necessary to see any one of the nine famed AMC AMX/3 chassis added in-game (praying for chassis #2, #6, and/or #8 :pray:t2:) …I mean I would just totally lose it, I’d lose my mind for sure.

If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the AMC AMX/3 concept and/or the backstory on the nine chassis, I highly encourage visting AMX3.org to learn about them. Very cool concept with quite a story and one helluva sexy, beastly, muscle car. :muscle:t2:

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