What language am I being offensive in?

I am currently trying to save and share a tune for the Porsche 904 GTS. I made a homologated tune and went in to the a-class public lobby, actually won a couple races, and thought I would share the tune, but I’m told, “You specified something that was blocked by the language filter. Please try again.”

here is what I put in…

Title: homologated
Description: won a couple public a-class (700pi) lobby races and now sharing.

Can someone explain to me what I put in there that would be blocked by a language filter? What there is offensive?

Unfortunately it is Microsoft that is in charge of the language filter across Xbox Live, not Turn 10.

Subsequently, the word ‘homologation’ is blocked Xbox wide, and there is nothing Turn 10 can do about it, out of their hands.

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Could also be the word class. It has something in it. Anything like that is liable to trigger it.

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probably homo

Well they use Microsoft’s filter here and it didn’t get that so it’s probably something else.

I’ve had the issue before when I’ve left the description, name, tags as the default one, mainly with photos, although I haven’t had this problem with 7. I would say if there is nothing there that could be picked up like words mentioned above, try again later.

Description: Won a few online

Try that