What happened to HP/TQ/Redline RPM stats?

The title says it all. Where are these stats? In FM4 I could find them under the car details. I cannot seem to find this anywhere in FM5. Any help is appreciated!

not too sure if its in fm5 just use the graph in the upgrade menu it may not be exact but you can get close. there is another method of finding this info in test drive but i cant remember it at the moment

You can get them up on forza vista by clicking one of the icons normally on or near the rear bumper.

Not exactly handy I know but it’s there at least.

I tried the rear bumper “info” icon. Does not give this info.

Within Engine Upgrades area you will find the Torque/HO graph (not the specific numbers, “ball park” these from graph), or, test the car at Old Mulsanne…rear bumper gives you other data such as width, height, length, wheel base…

Take it down Lemans straight and look at the tememerty (target computer)