What features are you able to use once you get banned?

So as you can see it feels bad saying that but I got banned… Yes I submitted a ticket and due to my lack of knowledge I got perma banned ( or Device banned).
But on the last message from the ticket I send the person I was talking with said that am not able to join any online features of the game “Forza Live” “Forzathon” “Auction” and all that. To be honest am in the point that I don’t really care anymore about the ban I can still play solo as I was doing in online sessions most of the time But it’s been a few days now and I was watching a video on what cars we can expect to see in the near future of the game and I was thinking because i got the ultimate version with car pass and all will i still get the upcoming cars or expansions ? Well since I paid for the next expansion I was thinking that I might be able but am not that sure . Of course except of the once in forzathon because I can’t access it. But if you have car-pass and you are banned do you still get the upcoming cars ??

So recently I got a perma bann and I spoke already with the support and it really starting to not bothering me anymore the fact that I am banned .Also they said that I can’t access online features for ex. designs, auction. tuning features and all but that’s logical and I accept it either way I was playing by my self and really the only think I will miss is the designs !

But what worries me the most about is that will I be able to get updates for my account? I mean I already own the car-pass but except from some cars that are coming out in events such as forzathon or seasonal events I can’t get these once because they are online. But will I still be able to get the weekly cars that are coming out with car-pass ??

Also I know am not able to join online but is there a way to get the cars that are coming in forzathon or seasonal events??

Hey RoutineXLeader,

If you have questions regarding these topics, reach out to support, as enforcement is not discussed via forums.