Weird online freeroam issues?

My game crashed extraordinarily badly last night (enough to where my Series X shut completely off, thanks that was a a first) but after some cache cleaning and a few other things, I tried an online freeroam server. It fought and fought itself to connect me to a server, and after it finally did, I was with maybe two players. Then maybe after 5 minutes it just randomly swaps me to a new server. This has been happening since. Have never seen maybe more than 10 other players. Keep in mind my internet is fine, mupltiple connection checks with no hiccups, I’ve played other games online just like any other day. No “poor network quality” or “you have been disconnected” screen warnings. It just like automatically sever hops me withoit warning or choice. It still takes it particularly long to connect to Horizon Life the first time, but as I’ve said, my interent speeds/quality are fine from testing. Am I the only one? Did my game set off some crazy fluke that makes it this way? There are other players in these small lobbies with me so I know they arent getting to play with much of anyone either. I havent played around in freeroam lobbies in at least a couple of weeks. Just really disappointing/frustrating.

FH5 seems to treat the whole multiplayer environ quite differently from previous. In FH4 it was common to see many other players (50 ish) at once and spread all over the map. And you could see them all on the map. In FH5 you only see those players in close proximity to your location on the map (unless you’re convoyed up, iirc) and I think (but can’t recall where I heard it or if it’s just a guess) those are the only ones in your entire multiplayer experience at any time. I’ve likewise never seen more than a dozen maybe (not counting convoy).

I don’t know how they set it up but with each change of series or something the ***** problems come…

Obviously it affects online play and after every crash the game just does weird stuff… :laughing:

In fh4 it was fake online people on map, for example on fortune island it would always show alot of people on the long drift up the Mountain on the map but when you got there it was empty.

Horizon is by far the worst online required game there is. And horizon 5 is the worst in the series. For some reason they cant sync up objects in freeroam with other players, thats why there barley no traffic and thats why they removed draglights in festival drag site ect.



You’re probably not seeing many players on the map because there probably isn’t that many players on the map. There’s nothing like 30 million players playing this game. It might even be a stretch lately if there’s 30 players.

And some of those might be playing FMwhy. Why? I have no idea. But if you read the Motorsport forum you’ll see there are about 3 people there that actually like the game.