Weight reduction/acceleration

Trying to tune/build a Corvette, and when I loose 280 kg(approx 600 in non metric languange), the acceleration gets worse. Can it be on some cars that removing this much weight actually makes it slower?

The logical answer is NO it shouldn’t but numbers lie some times…a rule of thumb is that you want to make your car as light as possible, imo this is one of the most important stats…the lighter the better…

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Yes, because there’s less traction in there’s rear do to the loss of weight over the rear tires. Try adding suspension, tires or the race cage an see if that helps.

Edit: Think about a spoiler/wing on the back of a RWD car, thats putting more down force on the rear tires so its pushing the weight of the car down on the tires which gives better traction, the extra weight does that same thing just in a different way, yes its more weight to move but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help with traction.

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You want to find the right balance between power and weight.

As you’ll often see on the stock versions of cars in the game - the cars from the past that used to race and have really low power figures often also have really low weight. The more weight you have the more power you need. If you start removing weight you want to be careful where you get rid f it - if you remove 300 kilograms from the rear of a RWD car you’re removing weight from the drive tyres allowing them to slip and not get as much traction. Sadly, you don’t have the choice of where the weight comes off with the weight reduction upgrade in Forza.

As an example, think of the following:

Porsche 911. This car has amazing mechanical grip and amazing traction on the rear of the car. The engine is also mounted above or behind the rear axle so there is a lot of weight there. If you drive down your racing line in the Porsche 911 and right before the apex you remove your foot completely off the gas or you brake what happens? –
– Notice how the weight shifts forward as you brake. The rear end comes up and you no longer have as much weight on those back tires and the car can potentially spin out.

In my example, I’m simply transferring the balance of the car off of the rear tyres but you essentially accomplish the same thing by removing too much weight off of a particular part of the car.

– You can also have a car that has very little weight and too much power which can affect acceleration due to the vehicle not being able to put down the power efficiently. Take for example the Hennessey Venom GT. I don’t know if you can do it in this game but if you can I suggest you take the stock Challenger Hellcat and the Hennessey Venom GT and go try to get the fastest 0 - 102 kmh or 0 - 170 kmh runs you can. Then swap in AWD (and no other changes) and do the same thing - notice a difference? In this case it’s AWD (which does add weight) but it’s all about putting the power down effectively. If you cannot put your power down effectively for whatever the reason may be, your acceleration numbers will suffer.

I do agree with W4rlock38 to some extent though. I do always try to get my vehicle as light as I can within the class I am building it for. That said, I will often times remove weight but not add any power and the car will be fine. It does also depend on what class you go to - if you are taking the car more than 2 classes (car starts in B Class. You can max it in B or put it in A – that is 2 classes) you will need to do some careful parts selection and tuning to make sure the car if still an effective tool in that class. Some cars are very good across a wide range of classes while some cars really shine in a particular class or two.

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Thx for answers. I do have some knowledge in this, so it seemed strange cause as PPi said I also normally lighten car and dont add engineparts. I think the added wheelupgrade from F5 is significant and enjoy tuning more this year. Not in the league of the best, but I hope I have a few good ones. Would be happy if any of you could try my Ford Capri, where I dont have transmissinupgrade, my Renault which Im happy with and my Rolls Royce which Im working on and need some pointers. Have actually toe reversed from what I normally do on RR to try to get rear to stick but struggling.