Weekly Forzathon challenge drive car 10 miles/16kms (PC version)

Anyone having difficulty achieving this? Every weekly challenge that has you must drive X car 10 miles or 16 kms . I use the proper car, do the challenges in order and in offline and Horizon life and i can’t get the miles or kms to increase to complete the challenge. the last 3 challenges that have had this in them i have not been able to complete. the most the number goes up to is less than a mile and stops.
I’ve also reset my game data, triple checked that i’m using the correct car, restarted the game. but can’t get this number to increase past 1 mile.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I had an issue with this on the Console Version.

I don’t know if this is going to work for You, but, try Driving the Car in Third Person, as it wouldn’t Register Distance for Me when I used the Cockpit Camera, but it Registered it fine when I used the “Chase-Near” third Person view.

If that doesn’t work, then I am afraid I cannot Help You, so I really hope that Trying the Challenge in the “Chase-Near” Third Person Camera works for You like it worked for Me.

I can’t help but I can tell you I play on PC and it worked for me without a problem.

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does not work - still 0km trying all camera angles, races, free roam… so buggy this thing

edit: oops - old thread - but this season the challenge surfaced again

This is because you are running with VSYNC at 60FPS, see the game uses FPS to count the distance driven, or so i was told by support a few months back, when i sent in a ticket on this, why you may ask? because reasons. the solution is to goto video settings, set the FPS as low as it will go, 20fps in my case, makes those challenges count 100% of the distance driven, 30fps lowers the count to some 20-30% of distance driven, also it varies from car to car, its REALLY FUBAR.
If you wanna be REALLY confused, set a route on the map, make a note of the challenge numbers you have so far, in the history of the make a note of the distance it has driven, then in your stats, make a note of how far you have driven total, now drive the route, and check the numbers again. Do this at 20, 30 and 60fps, i think it was on the Maserati MC12 FE, where there car history number was counting 200% of the actual distance driven, while challenge and total stats were acting normal.

NOTE: for some reason, some cars doesnt count anything at all, at any FPS, on dirt roads… again, because reasons.


This alone is gold worth for PC players - crazy that it works that way - i changed my FPS down for the 24 miles F40 challenge and finally the KM counted - thanks a lot!
What a stupid system to be honest…

This post should be sticky.
Thank you for sharing this information.

Thank-You! I had my FPS set to 165 for my PG279Q. Lowered it to 41 (lowest available) and was able to finish the challenge and then restore my FPS. Thanks!