[Website Gallery] Shared photos not appearing on the website here?

I am trying to pull some pictures from the gallery on the site, however my photos don’t appear at all. Photos that were once there are now not showing as well. Is there an issue occurring right now? Is there an error coming from my profile? I am not sure.

Did you upload them to Xbox Live?

Same here, must be a bug at the moment. Got tons of photos uploaded and nothing is showing up this morning.

I am talking about the ones I share to my gallery on the Forza servers.

Photo gallery on the website doesnt show me the Photos i have taken

It doesn’t work in Forza Hub either. Obviously there is a bug right now.

Thank you guys! Guess I just gotta wait it out.

Same issue. All photos gone

Anyone know how to fix this

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Happened to me a while ago
Just closed the Furza Hub app and FH4 on my Xbox, restarted my Xbox, checked for updates (system, game and app), opened Forza Hub app, started FH4 from Hub app, once loaded, went to Gallery in game. Loaded this site on my laptop and hit refresh after clicking link to gallery (on site)