We all know we need this!

First off, aren’t you tired of drifting around the track having fun and being in first place and then out of no where a F1 car flies right by you trying to finish the race first?! Well i sure hope you are. Well all know that i would be nice for Turn 10 to add an update to stop this but there needs to be also more things added to this update.

First on the update: remove all X999 cars from drifting ( does not matter if you can drift them or not)

second: remove all Hyper car’s such as the Venom and Bugatti.

third: Turn TCS and STM off for every one. that way if someone thinks they can win with a P or R class they have no way to get around the track faster then a drift car.

Forth: Make a ranking system that deals with not only points or time drifted but of how many times they have hit another car. The higher your rank is determines what kind of drift group you are placed with. For instance ranking would be from 0 - 100 if your rank 50 your placed in a group of people that have a rank of 40 - 60, and the only way to get back down in rank is to not hit other player’s. but im sure that this will add some problems. Yes we all have done it your drifting and someone spins out infront of you and you cant stop in time to avoid the crash. The system im thinking about is made up of 10 games, every 10 games you play our rank will be changed.

im sure that there is a way to make all this happen but we really need this drifting lobby BS stopped. its been the same in all the games and nothing has be done but people getting slapped on the wrist and thats it. Please guys look into this update soon or start making changes over time. I love the game and all but the more and more i play it the more i don’t even want to see the logo.

Thank you

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