Wanting to start a tournanent

Hey all,

Used to play Forza 4 religiously, was just seeing if there is much of a community these days and if people want to play a tournament?

I was thinking of an open S Class event, spread over around 8 races with a points system for scoring.

Just mainly putting this in here to see if anyone is interested, I have hosted tournaments for other games previously so I can be trusted with upkeep of the tourny :slight_smile:

Anyone got any ideas?

Check out virtual1 gaming. They are still running comps on FM4, and very good ones from what I understand.


Probably not going to want to join one, would rather create it myself,

The main reason I was posting this is too see how many people would take part in such an event and too see if Forza 4 still had a community willing to race?

I am now thinking A Class tournament as that is the class I see most people still playing in these days :slight_smile:

The point I was eluding to is that you will not get much interest from this site (ironically). You are better joining another and building your reputation first.

As an example, we at Pendulum are currently running a GT Championship on FM5, and advertised it here on FM.net. There was no registered interest at all:


Advertising it through our own forum, we filled the lobby complete, and have a number of reserve drivers too.

!(https://farm6.staticflickr. com/5607/15606050158_c539eb08c3_o.jpg)

The community is not as big as it was, and very little of it is found on these forums of late.

Iā€™m always willing to race, far from the best circuit racer but try hard. My problem is that I work second shift weekdays and am in the (PST) time zone so my race time is real late at nite or on the weekends.


well here is the signup haha

Looked at your web, the times will work for me so after I decide which car I will sign up.

Ok got my car sorted out, off to sign up

I see very low activity on this one