Is there any leagues just about to start plz ?

Hi there

I do a lot of online racing (mostly with one league, which offers several championships)

One of our championships, FTCC, is Touring car based and we have just completed the second meeting on Thursday passed (23/01/14). This runs weekly and we welcome new sign ups throughout the season.

Another series we offer. which is about to start in the next week or so, is the GT Championship. This is held on Mondays and I run the championship myself.

If you’re interested and/or you would like more details, please head over to our forums, home of the FRS, where all of the relevant information should be available to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t come on here often, so you may need to wait. But I do use the the FRS forums daily. The following link will take you to the home page:

Message Whisky 4 1. He runs a very good series. I haven’t ran it much lately due to life scheduling and FM5 but I have been back twice since FM5. Its a very structured mini-series running everything from a S650 class to full on multiple class Lemans.

VTCC1 have a V8 super Saloons starting this weekend, with places and cars filling up fast.
feel free to check it out at http://www.vtcc1.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=102

The Forza Sports Car Series (FSCS) is about to start (the week after the superbowl, Feb 8th). There are several races and several classes held on weekends. multiclass gtlm and dp/p2 race held on Saturdays, and also ST (street tuners 530-575pi), GS (Grand Sport 645-675pi) and GT (grand touring 735-770pi). The higher the class the more laps the race is. From 20 to 50 laps. We have tuners available, painters, and other resources for all drivers new and old. http://forzascs.forumotion.net/ http://forzascs.com/index.html