Voting list - missing cars from FH3/FH4 to return in FH5 [Update_2024/2/11: -21 cars, +4431 votes]

Alright, Rolls-Royces and Tesla are removed from the list. Thanks for feedback! :slight_smile:

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Im gonna drop an idea here for anyone voting for cars!!

You see… When you click on car voting youre going to see the latest threads and last visits right?

If youre highly interested in something drop a comment on the appropriate thread. That way the car is gonna come up higher in the list so much more people are going to see it and possibly vote.

A lot of the car voting threads have been made months ago. And some of them are going to sit there and gather dust. Instead drop a comment. Even if its something as simple as a :+1:.
That way you’re bringing more attention to it.

I constantly see so many topics that have been gathering dust and its so easy to revive them by simply doing this.


In regards to Rolls-Royce I think there was a temporary partnership with T10 and them, and when that partnership expired, the license was lost.
As for Tesla… it’s a lost cause. Their stock value is nearly worthless, about to fall off a 90-degree cliff.

You ought to vote for the 2014 Range Rover, it was dropped like garbage after FH3.

Any Baldwin-related brand will have to be removed since at the time he signed over to Toyota and they had some exclusive partnership on them. Speed 6 wouldn’t make sense either since it’s a concept car.
I don’t know the exact source about it but it may be a reason why we didn’t get them in FM7.

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I’ve tried that occasionally and it doesn’t always work.

I’m pretty Rolls-Royce is more a universal thing rather than just Forza-related. Since Motorsport 7, Rolls-Royce haven’t appeared in any period.

As for Tesla, I agree, though I do wonder how the heck Gran Turismo 7 managed to hold onto the license. If there is an exclusivity deal between Tesla and Polyphony Digital, well, they can keep it for all I care. Also, side note, I like how Polyphony Digital flew the YouTuber Super GT out from England to Willow Springs Raceway to drive a Tesla, which are pretty much as common as Priuses in California. It’d be like me being flown from the States to England to drive a Ford Ka around Silverstone.

As for the Bentley, I can see it returning to the series at some point. It being a concept doesn’t really stop it from appearing in games moving forward since there are tons of concepts from prior games in Horizon 5.

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Me too. The same goes for Mercedes SLR McLaren, although this car is still available not only in Gran Turismo but also RaceRoom Racing Experience (as 722 GT version).

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This is just speculation on my part, but I think Turn 10 and Playground are just unwilling to pay both Mercedes and McLaren to for the rights to use it. Despite the fan demand, neither developer probably thinks its worth it to spend twice the money over one car.

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Sounds probably. Though it’s sad if true, considering that relatively small KW Studios (creators of RaceRoom) can pay for those licenses, and is doing it for at least 10 years already, while giant like Microsoft doesn’t want to do the same.

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It’s really the only explanation I can think of since The Crew 2 and Asphalt 9 have it as well.

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Update time. As expected, adding new cars to the list caused more activity in the Suggestions Hub, with 92 additional votes since yesterday. Notable changes:

  • Mercedes SL 65 nearly overtook Shelby 1000.
  • BMW Z8 lost one vote, that’s rather unusual.
  • Audi Sport quattro S1 has swiftly overtaken Subaru BRAT.
  • Aston Martin DBS '08 has caught up Mazda RX-7.

Kia Stinger +1, Ford SVT Cobra '95 +2, BMW 850 +3, Toyota MR2 +1, Subaru SVX +1, Shelby 1000 +1, Mercedes SL 65 +2, BMW Z8 -1, Audi Sport quattro S1 +3, Pagani Huayra +1, W Motors Lykan +1, VW ID R +1, Ford Mustang King Cobra +1, Mercedes 300 SEL +2, Aston Martin DBS '08 +1, Vauxhall VX220 +1, Quadra Turbo-R +1, Lotus Evora +2, Chrysler 300 +1, BMW M635 +1, Mercury Cougar +1, Mazda RX-3 +1, Volvo 1800E +2, Cadillac CTS-V +1, Renault Clio V6 +1, Lexus IS +1, Chevrolet Super Sport +2, Hyundai Genesis +1, Citroen 2CV +1, Plymouth Prowler +1, Renault Alpine GTA +2, AM V12 Zagato +1, Opel Kadett A +1, VW Touareg +1, BMW 507 +2, DS3 Racing +1, Opel GT +1, Volvo S60 +2, VW Karmann +1, Aston Martin V8 '86 +1, Dodge Dart +1, Opel Kadett C +1, Ford F-100 Trophy Truck +3, Volvo 123GT +2, Jeep Grand Wagoneer +1, Aston Martin V8 '77 +1, Oldsmobile +1, AMC Hornet +1, Aston Martin DBS '69 +1, Mercedes E350D +1, Triumph Spitfire +1, AMC Pacer +1, Mercury Coupe +1, Bentley EXP 10 +1, Shelby Monaco +1, Triumph TR6 +1, VW Double Cab +1, Lotus Eleven +1, MG TA +1, Hoonigan Bronco +2, Datsun 2000 +2, Hillman Imp +1, Porsche 906 +1, Saleen S5S +1, Subaru VT15R +1, Ford F-150 SVT Shelby +1, Jaguar C-Type +1, Porsche 356A Speedster +1, Spania GTA +2, Holden 50-2106 FX Ute +1, Porsche 356 Gmund +3, Plymouth Atomic +1, Austin Seven +1, Mini JCW Convertible +1

EDIT: I’ve also made another round of research through Suggestions Hub and pinpointed voting threads for three of four FH3 cars from the bottom of the list (Camaro SS '16, Focus ST '13, Range Rover '14).

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Some cars that should be added are all the SRT8 cars ex. Charger, challenger, Grand Cherokee.

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I’m going to include them in a second voting thread, listing cars from the Forza Motorsport series that were not yet featured in any Forza Horizon game (there are too many of them to be added to this topic, the list is perhaps too massive already :slight_smile: )

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Youre doing great work in the trenches here.

I think you should keep this list fh4 only and make a seperate thread for xbone and 360 era games.

Today’s update is smaller than I anticipated, yet interesting nonetheless.

  • Kia Stinger achieved the 300 votes milestone, but Ford SVT Cobra '95 is not that far behind (267).
  • Mercedes SL 65 AMG is now going head-to-head with Shelby 1000, at 137 votes.
  • Plymouth Atomic Punk Bubbletop gained 50% more votes in one day (6 → 9).
  • Mini JCW Convertible is no longer alone at the very end of the list, now it have the same amount of votes as Lambo Urus Concept and MG MGA (4). Austin Seven would be there too but in the last two days it jumped from 4 to 6 votes.

Kia Stinger +2, Ford SVT Cobra +3, Mazda 3 +1, Shelby 1000 +1, Mercedes SL 65 +2, McLaren 12C +1, Audi Sport quattro S1 +1, Pagani Huayra +1, VW ID R +1, Chrysler 300 +2, Bowler EXR S +1, Volvo S60 +1, Opel GT +1, Dodge Dart +1, Lambo Jarama +1, Ram Runner +1, Jaguar XJ-S +1, BMW Z4 +1, Hoonigan Bronco +2, Range Rover +1, Toyota Corolla +1, Lotus Eleven +1, Rossion Q1 +1, Cadillac Escalade +1, Jaguar C-Type +1, Holden 50-2106 FX Ute +1, Hoonigan G8 Fiesta +2, Plymouth Atomic +3, Austin Seven +1, Mini JCW Convertible +1

I agree, I’m currently preparing (slowly) the second list for another thread :slight_smile:


Just speculation but I get the impression microflop has said to t10/PgG drop a few licences to save money and replace with any company who wants free advertising and the licence agreements we renew get more cars from them that way the gamers won’t notice or be bothered as there will be more cars than before.
Then instead of giving the gamers all the cars we have, we’ll withhold a load of them and release them weekly as NEW cars to keep player engagement up, a lot of players won’t know the difference as they’ll be new to franchise anyway (as that’s who they’re targeting anyway, cos veterans will keep coming back anyway)
Just keep adding mostly super cars as the NEW with no visual upgrades so they’re happy for the next bit

Then make sure you’ve held back a group of cars say Japanese cars from previous titles and we will include some never seen in Horizon (but from motorsport series) and give them in a massive update (possibly an expansion)


Monday turned out to be more productive for Suggestions Hub than Sunday, that’s odd :wink:

This time top three contenders haven’t changed their vote count, so other cars had a chance to catch up - and 81 models used it, though only three of them gained more than one point since yesterday.


BMW 850 +1, Lotus Esprit V8 +1, BMW Z8 +1, McLaren 12C +1, W Motors Lykan +1, Lotus Evora +1, Chrysler 300 +1, BMW M635 +1, Hudson Hornet +1, AM V8 Vantage V600 +1, Mercury Cougar +1, Pontiac GTO +1, GMC Syclone +1, Mazda RX-3 +1, Volvo 1800E +1, TVR Tuscan +1, Renault Clio V6 +1, Mitsubishi Galant +1, Pontiac Firebird '68 +1, Ford XB Falcon +1, Citroen 2CV +1, Opel Kadett A +1, VW Touareg +1, BMW 507 +1, Ferrari F12 +1, Citroen DS 23 +1, Opel GT +1, DS3 Racing +1, Pontiac Firebird '73 +1, AM Vanquish Zagato +1, VW Karmann +1, Dodge Dart +1, Opel Kadett C +1, Lambo Jalpa +1, MG MGB +1, Oldsmobile +1, Rover SD1 +1, AMC Hornet +1, Chevrolet Vega +1, Chrysler VH Valiant +1, Mazda Cosmo +2, Aston Martin DB4 +1, Austin-Healey +1, Cadillac Eldorado +1, Lambo Jarama +1, Chevy Chevelle +1, Triumph Spitfire +1, VW Type 3 +1, AMC Pacer +1, Honda S800 +1, Mercury Coupe +1, Mercedes 280 SL +1, Shelby Monaco +1, Ferrari 166 MM +1, Triumph TR6 +1, Porsche 356 RSR +1, Jaguar XK120 +1, GMC Typhoon +1, Lotus Eleven +1, Maserati Tipo 61 +1, Datsun 2000 +1, MG TA +1, Aston Martin DBR1 +1, Maserati A6GCS/53 +1, Porsche 718 +1, Maserati 300S +1, Porsche 906 +1, Rossion Q1 +1, Cadillac Escalade +1, Jaguar C-Type +2, Porsche 356 Gmund +1, Triumph TR3 +1, Chevrolet Nova +1, Holden 50-2106 FX Ute +1, Porsche 356A Speedster +1, Hoonigan G8 Fiesta +2, Sunbeam Tiger +1, Austin Seven +1, Ferrari 500 Mondial +1, Lambo Urus Concept +1, MG MGA +1

If all goes well, tomorrow I’ll present you the second list - with missing cars from Forza Motorsport 7, 6, 5, and 4 (but only very few models from the last one) :wink:

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As promised, yesterday I’ve launched the second thread, with list of cars from Forza Motorsport 5-7 (and a chosen few from FM4) that could return in FH5.

Now I’m thinking about the third list, with cars from FM4, FH1, and other older games (Forza left behind dozens of wonderful vehicles and I’m certain their return could give us much more joy than many #NewToForza models). Would you be interested to see such list? :wink:

As for today’s update of this particular thread, it’s much smaller than I expected after two days. Not much to write about, apart from Toyota MR2 gaining 4 votes and going almost head-to-head with BMW 850 CSi.

I anticipate more exciting update for the other list tomorrow :slight_smile:


Kia Stinger +1, Toyota MR2 +4, Shelby 1000 +1, BMW Z8 +1, McLaren 12C +1, Audi Sport quattro S1 +1, Pagani Huarya +1, Cadillac CTS-V +1, BMW 507 +1, DS3 Racing +1, Ford F-100 Trophy Truck +1, Vauxhall Astra +1, Ferrari 512 +1, Porsche 906 +1, Porsche 356 Gmund +1, Saleen S5S +1, Chevrolet Nova +1, Sunbeam Tiger +1


The last two days seemed more productive than previous two for Suggestions Hub, now we have 40 more votes on the list (previously only 21) :slight_smile:

Toyota MR2 '95 now stands on the same level as BMW 850 CSi (190 votes), Lykan HyperSport is only 1 point below the 100 votes milestone, while Quadra gained 2 votes all of a sudden and nearly overtook Vauxhall VX220. You’ll find more in the changelog below (or on the list itself) :slight_smile:


Toyota MR2 +1, Shelby 1000 +1, Mercedes SL 65 +1, BMW Z8 +1, Pagani Huayra +1, W Motors Lykan +1, Volkswagen ID R +1, Ford Mustang II +1, Aston Martin DBS '08 +1, Vauxhall VX220 +1, Quadra Turbo +2, Lotus Evora +1, Chrysler 300 +2, Hudson Hornet +2, Mercury Cougar +2, Renault Clio V6 +2, Mitsubishi Galant +1, Porsche 928 +1, Koenigsegg CCX +1, Citroen 2CV +1, Renault Alpine GTA +1, AM V12 Zagato +2, Ferrari F12 +1, AM Vanquish Zagato +1, Oldsmobile +1, Rover SD1 +1, Mazda Cosmo +1, Chevrolet Chevelle +1, Shelby Monaco +1, Aston Martin DBR1 +1, Maserati Ghibli '14 +1, Maserati 300 S +1, Austin FX4 +1, Top Gear Track-Tor +1

The third list is still coming, currently I’m digging through Hondas… I forgot how many of these FM4 and FH1 had, they basically ashamed Gran Turismo :smiley:

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It seems a lot of “fresh blood” visited the Suggestions Hub in the last three days, considering this surprisingly massive update, with 190 (!) additional votes. It caused some shake-up on the list - examples from the top:

  • Toyota MR2 overtook BMW 850 CSi (by 2 votes)
  • Mercedes SL 65 and Shelby 1000 are going head-to-head once again (at 141 votes).
  • Subaru BRAT gained 4 votes and caught up with Audi Sport quattro S1.
  • W Motors Lykan reached 100 votes milestone.

You can track all changes on the list (first post) or with the changelog below :slight_smile:


Kia Stinger +4, Ford SVT Cobra '95 +1, Mazda 3 +5, BMW 850 +5, Toyota MR2 +7, Subaru SVX +6, Lotus Esprit V8 +2, Shelby 1000 +2, Mercedes SL 65 +3, BMW Z8 +3, McLaren 12C +7, Audi Sport quattro S1 +1, Subaru BRAT +4, Pagani Huayra +3, W Motors Lykan +1, Volkswagen ID R +2, Ford Mustang II +4, Mercedes 300 SEL +2, Aston Martin DBS '08 +1, Mazda RX-7 '85 +2, Vauxhall VX220 +5, Chrysler 300 +2, Lotus Evora +4, Hudson Hornet +1, BMW M635 +1, Mercury Cougar +1, Aston Martin V8 Vantage V600 +3, GMC Syclone +1, Mazda RX-3 +1, Volvo 1800E +2, Renault Clio V6 +5, Mitsubishi Galant +1, Chevrolet Camaro '90 +1, Porsche 928 +1, Koenigsegg CCX +1, Pontiac Firebird '68 +5, Chevrolet Super Sport +1, Citroen 2CV +2, Hyundai Genesis +4, Maserati MC12 +1, Opel Kadett A +1, VW Touareg +3, Talbot Sunbeam +2, Citroen DS23 +2, DS3 Racing +2, Opel GT +3, Volvo S60 +1, AM Vanquish Zagato +1, Pontiac Firebird '73 +3, VW Karmann +1, Renault Clio RS197 +1, Dodge Dart +1, Opel Kadett C +1, Quartz Regalia +1, Aston Martin V8 '86 +7, Jeep Grand Wagoneer +1, Aston Martin V8 '77 +1, HSV GTS-R '96 +1, Mazda Cosmo +2, Chevrolet Vega +3, Aston Martin DBS '69 +1, Infiniti IPL +1, Lexus GS +1, AMC Pacer +1, Jaguar XJS +2, Mercury Coupe +1, Mercedes 280 SL +1, BMW i8 Roadster +1, Triumph TR6 +1, Porsche 356 RSR +1, Ferrari FF +1, GMC Typhoon +4, Range Rover '14 +1, Toyota Corolla +1, Holden FX Sedan +1, Porsche 906 +1, Hillman Imp +1, Jaguar C-Type +2, Porsche 356 Gmund +1, Porsche Cayenne +1, Saleen S5S +1, Cadillac Escalade +4, Triumph TR7 +1, Porsche 356A Speedster +2, Ferrari California +1, Plymouth Atomic +1, Sunbeam Tiger +2, Ram TRX Concept +1, Austin Seven +1, Hoonigan G10 Fiesta +2, Tamo Racemo +1, Honda Ridgeline +2


Rolls Royce silver shadow rally car ,it raced and rallyed remember it well with the steel wheels and exhausts over the roof.