FORDzathon (Series 16) Info & Feedback Polls

I’d like to know who thought that Falcon utes that are barely upgraded would be a good idea for the trial on dirt when it’s wet. Even the AI couldn’t cope with it.

Also can we get an option not to be in the same race as certain other players. I’ve had the same guy in the last 3 trial races take out as many people as he could in 90 degree corners. It’s hard enough as it is with the AI racing badly without having your team members push you off at check points and sharp corners.


Is this your first trial or online race? Theres at least one, if not many more of those drivers in every online race.

Dirt tires and awd barely changes the pi. Otherwise yes, it would be a challenge.

If it’s bad I block those people. I think that prevents being matched with them in the future.

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When the difficulty is well executed, which Event Type you enjoy most in Seasonal Festival Playlists?

I voted for the Trial but quite frankly I don’t think the difficulty is well executed.

The Trials are ridiculously easy now that the AI use stock cars. Bring back the challenge so that players looking for a co-op challenge actually have incentive to replay Trials.

Where do we go to suggest what cars we’d like to see added to the play list?

@Draugnimir is doing a sterling job with his excellent thread here

Then there’s the main suggestion board, which is here

I would have loved to have been at the board meeting in which someone said “yeah, we have like 670 cars in the game but we should probably limit it to around 40 for an entire month” and other people actually thought it was a good idea.
I’m know game designer but I feel like that’s a bit of a silly move. I mean I feel like monkeys with typewriters could come up with a better series theme… Probably write better code too realistically.

It’s an iconic brand that makes for a fair theme. Most likely themes would, in fact, limit the selection of cars.

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The themed series sounded good on paper, but this is another example of a good idea executed badly. Most players at this point only tune every Thursday, and driving cars from only one manufacturer or one country for an entire month is a bit of a disservice to the already large car list. I’d honestly prefer it if we went back to non-themed series.


It would probably work better if they weren’t married to the idea of a month long season-per-week setup. Weekly themes would be less likely to wear out their welcome.

Personally, I’d like to see engine based themes. 4 Banger month, Rotary month, Diesel month, et al.


Yes, one season with Playlist centered around particular manufacturer would be enough, entire series is too much.


I’ll take any chance I get to share my enthusiasm for horizon arcade. It’s still my #1 request for playground to improve upon.
I’ve been going back to horizon 4 a lot recently because I miss playing with a large group of players, and it’s still active and a lot of fun over there.


So … Here we are! What are we doing for series 16?

Hm… Lets theme it around a car manufacturer?

Great idea! Hm… but which car manufacturer do we represent? How about ford? Lets contact them.

Ford: FORDzathon sounds like a well fitting name!

PG: Yes! Slaps the name on top but puts 2 Chinese cars and some Renaults as seasonal rewards

I mean you were pretty much asking for it. I dont know what kind of response would you expect?
If the series was just called something like French automotive it would be instantly 50 % better.

Sure the rewards woudlve been still returning cars. But at least it wouldve make some sense

Yes the challenges are themed around ford but i think the big incentive are the seasonal rewards ultimately. I dont think lots of the players are so eager to replay the same events and pr stunts anyway for the millionth time


When the difficulty is well executed, which Event Type you enjoy most in Seasonal Festival Playlists?

Championships were so much cooler to me in horizon 3. You pick whatever you want. Whenever you want it. Didnt have to rely on waiting for a festival playlist to set these up.

And its ultimately not a burn out because ive made the choise to play them or not. But when they’re in the festival playlist i just have to if i want to unlock the seasonal car rewards. (granted i dont need to do the full playlist, just 20 points to get the new car but still)

I like how fortune island and lego island in h4 have few championships that are actually not connected to the festival playlist. Wouldve loved to see that… Either in the game or the new expantion.

I know off topic but gotta say it. Thats the reason why i steer away from seasonal championships now. I dont wanna replay the same events. Even though sometimes i just have to

Its repetition that ultimately burns out. Some here call it recycling. The less of a burn out the playlist is the more fun it will be


This update is garbage. I haven’t collected a single reward from this playlist. I’ve quit being a completionist because Forza isn’t adding cars worth collecting. This update is a joke. The theme, cars, all of it. Between Extreme E, Donut Media, and now THIS, the game keeps going backwards. It’s sad to see a series I once loved get destroyed like this.


You (sort of) mention custom championships, you get a like.

Tis my rule.



Its surprising they actually have it in the game this quick. I see all of these new cars coming out and all I think is “That’ll be interesting to play in Forza in 2025”
Amazing how everyone says its licensing but mobile games have full models and all of basically every new car coming out often before they release and just a short time after the announcement of the car. Same thing with The Crew and competitors. Forza is becoming the least compelling franchise with its features.


I’m not too shocked that we have the new Z this early because Gran Turismo 7 had it at launch back in April of 2022, though I’m more shocked Polphony Digital didn’t hold it for ransom behind an exclusivity deal like they have with the Toyota GR Yaris and Toyota GR86.

As for the rate at new cars are being added, I agree that it is taking far too long for console and PC game developers to add them, but I’d actually argue that Turn 10/Playground are way ahead of Polphony in regards to post-2018 cars and are about equal with Ivory Tower (since the Crew has a lot more concepts and pre-production models as opposed to the final versions of new vehicles).

That’s because, the mobile games you’re most likely talking about (Asphalt 9 and CSR2) don’t need to give a toss about handling models, detailed car models, upgrade systems, weird bugs, camera positions, etc. etc…

In the case of CSR2, the car just needs to look correct.

Handling? Doesn’t matter. The car only goes in a straight line.

Camera Position? Doesn’t matter, it’s fixed anyway.

Detailed car models? Do matter, but they’re already trying to make those.

Upgrade systems? Don’t matter, the car will get the exact same system that tries to extract more cash from your wallet for a virtual car you already have.

And on the point of licensing, Mobile Games can afford much higher amounts due to the way they’re built, so they could theoretically pay much more for a car, just to have exclusive access to it (see: Hoonigan)